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Use Typist to Sharpen Your Typing Fingers Till They Bleed [Daily Freebie]

It’s rarer now, but once in a while I still come across a journalist or blogger agonizingly hunting-and-pecking a story to completion — in a world where a low WPM means starvation (or at least, a diet of Ramen noodles).

It makes me smile, because I used to be like that. I’m much faster now, thanks to an abundance of repetition. But I’m still no maestro — so I’ve employed a secret  [Read More…]

iPad 2 Backlight Bleed Culprit: LG

Click the image to open in full size. Digitimes confirmed the source of the iPad 2’s light leakage problems today: the LG IPS LCD panels. The light leakage problem affected a number iPad 2 displays. The leakage occurs around the bezel into the display of the device. A number of forum topics, impromptu polls, and pictures like the one above brought attention to the defect shortly after the iPad 2’s release. LG, in the first  [Read More…]