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ThinkTank skips the bling for understated elegance in camera bag for women

My female friends who are photographers bristle when you bring up the idea of a camera bag being designed for women. The few women’s camera bags they’ve seen have tended to be cutesy – and cutesy doesn’t cut it. They want the same things in a bag as the men – roomy, stealthy and sturdy. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The Bling on this smart cycling helmet flashes for safety

The cycling helmet is often referred to as a brain bucket. It has kept many a melon in one piece after falls and collisions and there’s no smarter wearable for your ride. One helmet promises to offer more smarts. It’s called the Bling Helmet by LIVALL and it is aptly named because of how it […][Read More…]

Want more bling with your Apple Watch? Just add diamonds

Chances are that the majority of people reading this won’t be looking for a way to make the Apple Watch more expensive. With a rumored price in excess of $ 10,000 for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, most of us…Read more ›

Swiss watch designers are planning to bling out the Apple Watch

If Apple’s 18-karat gold ‘Apple Watch Edition’ doesn’t look fancy enough for you, have no fear. Swiss watch designers and jewelers are already planning to bling out Apple’s unreleased timepiece with precious metals and fancy gems. And of course, the…Read more ›

Ringly’s smart bling rings your iPhone pings it

Unless you’re a retired British gangster gone to seed in the Costa del Sol, chances are that as a man you don’t wear chunky rings on a frequent basis. Nor, as a member of the less-fair sex, have I had…Read more ›

A Gold Lightning Cable To Bling Out Your Gold iPhone 5S

juicies+gold-iphone5sOkay, we’ve had a bit of fun with the gold iPhone 5S, but in reality, it’s a pretty fantastic looking device… and hey, it can resist knife attacks, too. So there’s a lot to recommend the gold iPhone 5s. If you’re considering buying a gold iPhone 5s, you might also considering throwing a few bucks […]

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This $15M iPhone With A Black Diamond Home Button Is The Most Hideous Piece Of Bling Ever


If you are an extremely wealthy individual with questionable intelligence, horrible financial acumen and the good taste of a Teletubby, there are any number of horrible bling purveyors who will be happy to take your iPhone and encrust it in so much bling that even R. Kelly would think it was a tacky waste of blood diamonds.

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