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Taylor Swift explains her bad blood with Apple Music

  Taylor Swift may have announced she was shaking off Apple Music last week, but today she published an open letter to Apple explaining in more detail why her hit “1989” album won’t be joining the other 30 million songs…Read more ›

Accurately read your blood alcohol content with The BACtrack Vio [Deals]

The holidays are approaching fast which means parties and family gatherings. It also means that your local police force will be stepping up patrols to find people guilty of driving under the influence. Now you can take the guess work…Read more ›

Track your blood alcohol content with the BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer [Deals]

Huzzah! It’s Friday. The end of the work week is finally here! To celebrate, you might choose to go out with some friends and have a drink or two. It’s all good. You deserve it. But, are you sure it’d be…Read more ›

“Thank You” offers fans a graceful, de-fanged goodbye to True Blood

It’s time, Tru Believers, to watch the very last episode of HBO’s vampire romantic drama, True Blood. Overall, this final episode is slow and sweetly-paced, funneling down from the crazy, too-many-characters and plot lines of the past several seasons to…Read more ›

True Blood services fans in penultimate episode, ‘Love Is To Die’

Beginning just moments after the shocking end of last week’s episode of True Blood, the final season’s second-to-last entry tightens down on the remaining relationships: Sookie and Bill. Hoyt and Jessica. Eric and Pam (and Ginger!). Jason and new girl.…Read more ›

Love conquers all (even vampire glamour) in True Blood episode “Almost Home”

As the eighth of the planned ten episodes in this final season of HBO vamp-drama, True Blood, “Almost Home” brings more storylines to a close, weaning us off the Bon Temps drama gently, with a few fun explodey bits along…Read more ›

True Blood keeps the exposition coming in episode 7, “This May Be The Last Time”

It’s another episode full of story set up and a ton of talking this week on True Blood, the HBO vampire romance-drama that’s now seven episodes into it’s final season. The plot moves inexorably on toward some sort of conclusion,…Read more ›

The darkest hour is just before the dawn in latest True Blood episode, “Karma.”

It’s time for the various residents of Bon Temps to face the music. Karma’s a bitch, and in the latest episode of the final season of this hit vampire romance TV show from HBO, we’re gonna watch most of the…Read more ›

True Blood finds its dark humor again in “Death Is Not The End”

The residents of Bon Temps are reeling from the latest deaths in the town, Sookie is mourning Alcide but keeping a stiff upper lip, and Arlene is finally chosen to be vampire food in “Death Is Not The End,” the…Read more ›

True Blood is an unapologetic killer with “Fire In The Hole”

True Blood’s seventh and final season continues tonight with the third episode of the season: “Fire In The Hole.” Death comes to us all, and that’s no empty promise with this series. Reverend Daniels calls it out: “Death is a…Read more ›