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Bloom Project, The Minimal Wooden iPhone Case That’s Endorsed By Hedgehogs

I’ll admit it. The main reason I’m posting about the beautiful Project Bloom iPhone case is the hedgehog. Specifically Woody, the African Pygmy hedgehog that you see in the photo above. But that’s not to say that the case isn’t…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Bloom Box: Shoot Seeds, Bloom Flowers, And Collect Stars On Your iPhone


Tired of slingshotting those angry birds at ever-more preposterous structures build by pigs? Bored with trying to best your friends using nothing more than words?

Bloom Box is a new, cutesy puzzle game from Nexx Studio (Pig Shot, Glow Puzzle) where you’ll need to set up chain reactions to explode the aforementioned boxes, make flowers bloom, and collect all the stars in each level.

Each level has you  [Read More…]