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Hot deals ending soon: Lifetime of Blur premium privacy protection for 74% off, and much more [Deals]

This is your last chance to save serious cash on a lifetime of privacy protection from Blur, a protective case that charges your iPhone 6 and more, offered now at Cult of Mac Deals. Blur Premium Privacy Protection: Lifetime Subscription…Read more ›

Lego’s new Fusion sets blur the line between iOS gaming and physical toys

Love Lego? Love iOS? Prepare to get your chocolate in your peanut butter. Lego has just started selling Lego Fusion, a series of toys that blend everyone’s favorite plastic bricks with iOS gaming. Fusion is different from games like Lego…Read more ›

Blur Turns Photos Into Beautiful iOS 7-Y Wallpapers

shotBlur is a universal iOS app which does one thing: blurs your pictures for use as wallpapers. But it’s single-function design doesn’t mean that it can only be used for one thing. iOS 7 has some amazing new wallpapers, but the best part – wallpaper-wise at least – is the full-bleed, edge-to-edge view of the […]

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In 2012, Apple Will Blur The Line Between Your iPhone And Mac Using NFC And iCloud

Photo by Feuillu – http://flic.kr/p/9iW8ey

In 2012, Apple will roll out Near Field Communications technology (NFC) to their devices, allowing the iPhone 5 to finally function as an e-wallet. Big whup, everyones already had that idea, even Google. Heres what will turn the mind-numbing technology into something that will blow your mind: NFC in the iPhone 5 will finally allow Apple to go live with their ambitious NFC-backed remote computing  [Read More…]

Enable Motion Blur in Mission Control for Mac OS X Lion

Motion Blur in Mission Control on Mac OS X Lion Mission Control in Mac OS X Lion has a hidden motion blur effect that can be enabled quite easily: Enter Mission Control Press Command+M to enable motion blur You can then see the blur effect by moving about with the standard Mission Control actions, from entering and exiting into Mission Control, clearing the desktop windows, switching between desktops, to selecting apps  [Read More…]

Enable Motion Blur Effect for Launchpad Movements in Mac OS X Lion

Blur Launchpad Movements in Mac OS X Lion Want to add some additional eyecandy to Mac OS X Lions Launchpad feature? Open Launchpad and hit Command+M to enable a motion blur that is seen at various Launchpad events. You can immediately see the effect by swiping between Launchpad screens or by using the Command+Arrow keys to navigate around. The motion blur also effects opening folders in Launchpad, as the folders spring  [Read More…]