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iPhone 7s Plus may get curved glass body

The iPhone may finally ditch its metal casing in 2017 in favor of a new curved glass casing similar to the one found on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. Apple’s next big redesign of the iPhone is slated for next year, reports KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims in his latest note to investors that […]

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Weighing the options for monitoring your body fat

If you want to lose weight, your Apple Watch can help you sustain healthy habits, but it can’t actually monitor your progress. For that you need to step onto scales. Any scale will measure your weight, but that is only part of the story. Whether you are dieting or bulking up, it is just as important to keep […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Skulpt Aim takes the pain out of measuring body fat

LAS VEGAS — If shedding some body fat is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably like me and looking for all the high-tech help you can get. Activity trackers are great at logging exercise, but if you want…

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Narrative Clip is like a Russian dash cam for your body

LAS VEGAS — What if your entire life was like a Russian dash cam? Our phones already know where we are and what we’re doing every moment of the day, but the Narrative Clip takes things to the next level.…

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Alleged killer asked Siri where to stash body

A Florida man accused of killing his roommate allegedly asked Siri to help him find a hiding place for the body. “I need to hide my roommate,” 20-year-old Pedro Bravo told Apple’s virtual assistant on the day Christian Aguilar was kidnapped and strangled…

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Alleged iPhone Images Show Slimmer Body, Protruding Camera

This morning’s gallery of iPhone 6 renderings had us drooling for an iPhone 6 but a set of leaked images claiming to originate from Apple supplier Foxconn might be our first glimpse of Cupertino’s next handset, or at least a phase…

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Measure Your Fitness Goals With The Bluetooth-Connected Wireless Body Scale [Deals]

If you made a New Year’s resolution to start hitting the gym, eat better, or improve your overall health, this Bluetooth-capable body scale is the perfect way to track your progress. This sleek, futuristic-looking scale does more than just tell…

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Pyle Audio Offers New Inexpensive Connected Bluetooth Body Scale

Pyle Audio makes one of pretty much everything. If it has wires, knobs, plastic or is made of a material that can be found in or near our solar system, Pyle makes it. Cover for your boat’s stereo? Yes. How…

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Withings Body ‘Analyzer’ Tracks Weight, Heart, Air-Quality And Fat

Withings, the mobile-connected health-monitoring people, have just announced a brand new bathroom scale. Only this isn’t just another scale that’ll Tweet your weight to a disinterested world. It has hookups to monitor not just your body, but also the home you live in.

The new Smart Body Analyzer will still weigh you and send the info to the Withings app on your iPhone, or straight up to the internet. But it will also  [Read More…]

Apple Planning To Save On Cheaper iPhone With Plastic Body [Rumor]

The iPhone 3GS plastic back is about to make a comeback.

Will the iPhone 3GS plastic back make a comeback?

Rumors of a cheaper, budget iPhone have been picking up steam in recent weeks. After the infamous Digitimes reported that Apple was gearing up to launch a low-cost iPhone later this year, mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal chimed in with their own confirmations. Apple is “weighing retail prices of $ 99  [Read More…]