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How to Bookmark All Open Tabs in Safari on iPhone & iPad

Ever have tons of Safari tabs opened on iPhone or iPad and wished you could bookmark them all at once so you can easily refer to them all later? Now you can do exactly that on iOS and iPadOS, bookmarking all of your open browser tabs in one fell swoop. With so many great websites … Read More

How to Bookmark a Web Page in Safari on iPhone & iPad

Want to bookmark a web page or website in Safari on iPhone or iPad? Bookmarks make revisiting websites and webpages super easy, and are an excellent way to keep track of things on the web. It’s fairly easy to add and manage bookmarks in Safari, but if you had no clue how to use it, … Read More

How to Hide the Safari Favorite Bookmark Menu URL Dropdown in OS X Yosemite

Mac Safari users in the latest versions of OS X have discovered that when the URL bar is clicked in Safari, a panel of bookmark icons and Favorites appears. This is a lot like how Safari iOS works, and these icons can be clicked to visit sites quickly, or moved, removed, and rearranged as desired. … Read More

Your mobile device can last all day long with The BookMark Battery [Deals]

Smartphones and other assorted mobile devices are great tools for keeping us productive and entertained. The batteries inside those devices, by contrast, sometimes leave us frustrated and wanting more. Do you find that your device’s limited battery life plays a…Read more ›

Saturday Deals Roundup: The BookMark Backup Battery And MONOCLE Speaker [Deals]

We’re in the midst of a holiday weekend, and Cult of Mac Deals has some great offers that are worth exploring while you’ve got time to spare! The BookMark by Vorson is one of the thinnest backup battery solution on…Read more ›

Bookmark Any Text Snippet In Editorial For iPad

If you write anything longer than a paragraph, then Gabe Weatherhead’s new Bookmarker Macros for Editorial are going to get you pretty excited. They let you highlight any section of a text document and save it as a bookmark. The…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Create A Bookmark Folder From Open Tabs In Safari Or Chrome [OS X Tips]

Safari bookmark tabsI know a guy who opens the same 25 or so tabs each day, checking email, news, websites he likes to read, etc. I often ask him why he doesn’t just use RSS or something, but he usually mumbles about liking the layouts of individual web pages. Whatever. My friend likes to open a ton […]

The post Create A Bookmark Folder From Open Tabs In Safari Or Chrome  [Read More…]

Send URLs Right To Gmail App With This Mobile Safari Bookmark [iOS Tips]

Send to Gmail Bookmarklet

So, you’re surfing along on your iPhone or iPad and you want to email your buddy a fantastic new site that you’ve found. You hit the Share button, and then curse because it sends it to the default iOS Mail app. But you use the Gmail app! How will you fix this horrible, first-world problem? With a bookmark, of course.

Here’s how.

First, launch Safari, and load  [Read More…]