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How to Manage & Delete Bookmarks in Safari on iPhone & iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad, chances are, you use Safari to browse the internet. It comes pre-installed on all iOS and iPadOS devices and it just works flawlessly. Like any other web browser, Safari allows you to bookmark countless web pages that you scroll through, and it even syncs them across all your … Read More

How to Restore Lost Safari Bookmarks with iCloud

Have you deleted or lost Safari bookmarks from iPhone, iPad, or Mac somehow? If so you can use a procedure we’ll outline here to restore and recover lost Safari bookmarks back to your device. Most iPhone and iPad owners make use of Safari to browse the web, and creating bookmarks of favorite sites (like osxdaily.com … Read More

Get your Safari bookmarks from your Mac to your iPhone

I took the plunge and downloaded a password manager today, and when I was researching how to use it on my iPhone, one help page said I needed to put some bookmarklets onto my Mac and then move them over…Read more ›

Move or Remove Icons from Safari Bookmarks Menu in OS X Yosemite

When you click into the URL bar of Safari in OS X Yosemite, a panel menu of website bookmark icons appears directly under the address bar. This can offer a quick way to access web bookmarks in Safari from a Mac, but it’s fairly likely you’ll discover a few bookmarks in the icon view that … Read More

Rename Bookmarks in Safari Quickly via the Favorites Bar in OS X

Safari Bookmarks default to saving their names as the title of a webpage or website. That means if a site has a long title, the bookmark name will be equally as long. For accessing bookmarks through the Bookmarks menu that isn’t too big of a deal, but when you’re using the Safari Favorites Bar, long … Read More

Access And Add New Bookmarks In Mavericks Preview [OS X Tips]

Cult of Mac reader Alvaro P writes, “After upgrading to mavericks, the Preview app doesn’t show the Bookmarks tab anymore. That’s no good, because I need them to quickly access pdf stuff during meetings.” Having just upgraded my Macbook Air…Read more ›

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Use Bookmarks in iBooks App for iOS to Quickly Access Saved Pages

iBooks For those who read within the iBooks app of iOS, digital bookmarks are a very useful feature that work much like bookmarks do in a real paper book; you set a bookmark on a page, and you then have easy access for future reference, whether to find where you left off reading or to quickly jump to an important passage.

You can set bookmarks with just about anything that  [Read More…]

Use iCloud-Enabled Notes App To Store Bookmarks [OS X Tips]

Bookmarks in Notes

Bookmarks are a great way to return to the websites you’re most often interested in. However, there are a ton of times when you just want to remember a specific website once, maybe to show to another person or do some research with. There are a ton of online bookmarking services, like Delicio.us and Pinterest, but they have a whole social networking layer that maybe you just want to  [Read More…]

How to Sync Safari Bookmarks Between Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, & iPad

Safari Bookmarks saved within Safari will sync between all of your other iCloud equipped devices, assuming you have iCloud configured correctly do so. This means a website you bookmark on your Mac will sync over to an iPad, and something bookmarked on your iPhone will sync back to your Mac, iPad, and Windows PC, and vice versa. Bookmarking syncing is incredibly useful, and if you haven’t enabled it yet be sure  [Read More…]

Use Notes to Save Temporary Links & URL’s Without Adding to Bookmarks

If you’ve ever needed to gather a collection of website URL’s for later use, but didn’t want to bookmark everything or add them to Reading List, try tossing more ephemeral temporary links into an open note within the Notes app that is now bundled with Mac OS X. Not only will the links be synced between all your Macs, but they’ll also be sent across to your iOS devices too, allowing for simple and quick access to the temporary link  [Read More…]