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The Boomerang Modular iPad Stand Is Very Versatile

If there’s one thing us iPad owners like as much as iPad cases, it’s iPad stands. And no wonder: without such a prop, the iPad can do little more than lay flat on the floor or table like a dead fish. Only unlike the poor fish, it won’t even entertain us by flapping desperately around […]

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The Boomerang is a new Kickstarter iPad accessory from the one-device-to-rule-them all crowd — it’s a combination universal mounting system and frame. The hinged, X-shaped frame snaps onto the back of your iPad, while a powerful, centrally located magnet of its back allows it to attach to a wide variety of stands and mounts that Uros Cadez, the project’s creator, has already designed. Even without any accessory mounts, the frame’s hinge can  [Read More…]


It’s incredible what Apple can manage to keep secret about its most anticipated devices, right up until zero hour. For example, even after months of consolidating rumors, this is the first time that we’ve heard that not only will the next iPhone have artificial intelligence thanks to Assistant, but can be hurled in a boomerang attack, expand into a working lightsaber, perform nanosurgery and even double as a tasty chocolate bar.

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