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Highly specialized Booqpad is either perfect or pointless

I started German language school a few weeks back, and I was looking forward to testing out the Booqpad. The combination iPad case and paper notepad seemed ideal for using in class. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Not only is…Read more ›

Booqpad For iPad Air: Paper And Pixels Together At Last

Paper? In the age of the iPad? Unthinkable! Ink from a pen? Inconceivable! And yet that’s what the new Booqpad for iPad Air promises us, a case that both protects the iPad and gives you a pad and paper to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

BooqPad Mini Case Is Perfect For The Classroom

Having utterly failed in my efforts to not buy an iPad mini, I have already started a collection of cases. Most of them are reviews units, and almost all of them add too much weight and bulk to the tiny mini. But the Booqpad mini seems to have a different idea: If you’re going to add weight anyway, why not just go the whole way and make the extra grams worth it?

The Booq  [Read More…]