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Build Better Websites With The Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle [Deals]

No matter what type of bootcamp you take, youíre bound to get something out of it. Mind you, most these bootcamps involve some sort of physical development ó which is one type of levelling up that you can (and should) get yourself into. But the latest Cult of Mac deal wants to help you level up your web development skills, and thatís where the Web Developer Bootcamp Bundle comes in. This  [Read More…]

Check if Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Will Run on Your Mac (in Bootcamp)

Skyrim on a Mac Will Elder Scrolls V Skyrim run decent on your Mac? If your Mac is relatively new (2009 models and up) the answer is probably, but before you go jumping into Bootcamp, installing Windows on another partition, and buying the game, letís check to be certain that it will run on your hardware, and run at an acceptable rate for that matter. First up, here are the general  [Read More…]