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Has Apple become boring in its middle age? [Friday Night Fights]

Apple is 40 years old today. In that time, the Cupertino company has delivered some incredible products and services, and revolutionized smartphones, tablets, and music players. But is it boring now? Some say Apple’s innovation has stalled in recent years, and it has become too predictable. The surprises we used to see during its big […]

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Who says a car charger needs to look boring?

Lust List: Ribbn car charger by Tylt Simple, elegant and fun, the Ribbn car charger is no-muss, no-fuss. Offering up 4.8 amps, Tylt’s little Lightning charger plugs into a standard cigarette lighter socket and adds a bit of bright-blue bling to your car’s interior. It also comes in basic black, if you want to keep […]

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Unique keyboard app turns your boring messages into music

SoundKey is a clever idea developed by two French students who wanted to incorporate music directly into iPhone’s daily use and the keyboard happens to fit perfectly within our daily usage habits. The result is a keyboard app that plays instruments as you type to create melodies from your words. Different keys get assigned different notes, so every time you […]

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Apple buys boring database company you’ve never heard of

  Apple has bought a boring database company you’ve never heard of called FoundationDB. While not as sexy as buying Beats, the acquisition is good news for Apple’s increasingly important cloud services. The Virginia-based startup, which has raised a little…Read more ›

First ‘luxury’ Apple Watch dock looks cheap and boring

We still don’t know the exact launch date of the Apple Watch — other than it’s shipping in April — but if you just can’t wait to load up on accessories for your Apple wearable, the first Apple Watch dock…Read more ›

Girl turns boring LEGO juice bar into awesome robot

There was a time when LEGO brick sets were anything but prescriptive. You’d be lucky to get a wheel or axle part, or maybe even a door or window piece in your giant set of loose bricks. These days, of…Read more ›

Everything’s better and faster. How could Apple be so boring?

Was Apple’s livestreamed iPad event really such a big yawn? Search Twitter for “#AppleEvent yawn” or “Apple boring” and you’ll see tweet after tweet bemoaning the boring nature of Thursday’s press conference. It got so tedious for some, there were dozens…Read more ›

In A Sea Of Boring iPhone Cases, Moshi’s SenseCover Is Something Unique

Today Moshi announced the SenseCover, one of the most unique iPhone cases I’ve come across in a long time. By using touch-sensitive plates on the front of the case, the SenseCover allows you to answer incoming calls and turn off…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Joe Danger Infinity Is Boring And Not Infinite [Review]

Infinite runners are called infinite because they continue indefinitely. This is a fact, and one completely lost to the developers of Joe Danger Infinity. In this side-scrolling “racing” game, you tap the screen as Joe charges along any of the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Unibox Makes E-mail About People, Not Boring Old Mailboxes

There’s another new e-mail app available now for OS X, and it takes a different approach to your usual e-mail clients. It’s called Unibox, and it focusses on people, not messages. Unibox’s sidebar contains thumbnails of your contacts instead of…Read more ›

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