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Apple Maps trains its eye on Amtrak routes, Boston transit

The next stage of Apple Maps’ Transit roll-out is live today. The latest update includes public transportation in Boston and, more interestingly, select Amtrak train routes in the northeastern U.S. OK, well it’s all pretty interesting. But, you know. Trains. You can check out the new routes in Maps right now. Looking for directions within […]

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Boston parks will soon let you charge your iPhone from solar-powered benches

The park: a place to jog, soak up the sun, and… charge your iPhone? From next week visitors at select parks in the Boston area will be able to charge their mobile devices at special solar-powered benches, dubbed “Soofas.” “Soofa…Read more ›

Apple Has Opened A Boston Office To Supercharge Siri

Apple-Patents-the-Siri-Icon-2Apple has opened a new office in Boston that is working on beefing up Siri… and probably means that Cupertino wants to move away from relying on Nuance to provide Siri’s voice-recognition technology. The new Boston office appears to be largely staffed with speech and voice recognition scientists, many of whom used to work for […]

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Boston University Files “Bombshell” Lawsuit Against Apple

Boston-UniversitySuing Apple for patent infringement is so de rigeur right now that even colleges are getting in on the action: Boston University has just sued Apple for infringing upon one of their 1997 patents. According to The Boston Herald, a new “bombshell” lawsuit filed yesterday in the Massachusetts District Court claims that Apple is infringing […]

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An iPhone Might Have Saved The Life Of Boston Marathon Bombers’ Carjack Victim


Although it’s been almost over a week since the carnage of the Boston Marathon Bombings and the related manhunt and shootout came to a close, but there are still a lot more questions than answers about what happened and why.

A new report from Boston.com, though, has filled in some of the blanks in regards to the three hours on April 18th in which the Tsarnaev brothers carjacked a Cadillac driven  [Read More…]