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General Electric nearly bought Apple in 1996

Apple Inc. and General Electric are two of the most iconic American companies of the last century, but back in 1996 they almost become one company as GE CEO Jack Welch considered buying the computer maker. It would have only cost GE $ 2 billion and the current Apple CEO, Michael Spindler, was begging Welch to […]

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If you’d bought Apple stock instead of an Apple III, you’d be a millionaire

Want a spectacular stat for a Friday? Apple stock has increased 22,250 percent since its IPO almost 35 years ago. And the accompanying depressing thought: If you had taken the money a new Apple computer cost at the time and instead spent it on AAPL stock during its 1980 public offering, you’d be sitting on […]

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Why I skipped the iPad Pro and bought the iPad Mini 4 instead

The iPad Pro is the Apple tablet of my dreams. I’ve been lusting after Apple’s crazy-big iPad since the first whispers of the device echoed around the rumor mill a few years ago. When Apple finally unveiled the device at the September keynote I was beyond stoked to fork over more than $ 1,000 for an […]

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Apple just bought a forest 2.5 times the size of Manhattan

When you’re the richest company in the world you can afford to do crazy things: build a spaceship campus, start secret electric car projects, or buy an entire forest. Apple announced today that it’s buying up 36,000 acres of private…Read more ›

Apple quietly bought an Android keyboard startup last year

Last year, right around when iOS 8 was released, Apple quietly snatched up Dryft, a startup that made a popular Android keyboard that seems perfect for the iPad. Not only that, but the CTO of Dryft now heads up iOS…Read more ›

Google just bought the entire .app web domain for $25 million

Fancy a .app web address? You’re going to be buying it from Google. The search giant has splashed out just over $ 25 million on the entire .app web domain, which is around $ 19 million more than any other company has paid…Read more ›

How my iPhone and Twitter bought me a car

When my 2001 Subaru Forester died on the side of the highway a week or so back, I was not excited about trying to find a replacement. Buying a car is right up there with heading to the DMV, going…Read more ›

Siri’s favorite table reservation system gets bought for $2.6 billion

Hotel booking giant Priceline.com has announced that it will acquire OpenTable, the online reservation service for restaurants which provides Siri’s table booking functionality. Priceline will pay $ 2.6 billion as part of the all-cash deal, which breaks down as $ 103 per…Read more ›

Apple bought Beats for video says Steve Jobs’ biographer

The web has spun about 13,000 different theories on why Apple bought Beats. Did they want the headphones? Or was it Beats Music that tipped things over? It’ll be months, if not years, before we learn Apple’s real play with…Read more ›

Steve Jobs Would Have Bought This Desk, Designed With Apple Products In Mind

What would your desk look like if it were designed with computers — not books, pencils and papers — in mind. The makers of the SlatePro think it would look like this: a perforated bamboo surface with sturdy steel legs…Read more ›