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New Super Monkey Ball game set to bounce onto iOS this summer

Super Monkey Ball was one of the real gems of the GameCube era, and now a version of it is set to bounce its way onto iOS this summer. But this isn’t your grandpappy’s Super Monkey Ball. According to SEGA,…Read more ›

Baby Lava Bounce Lives On The Edge And Eats Pineapples [Review]

Baby Lava is on a rampage. He’ll fly as far as he can and burn whatever lies in his path, but won’t give a thought to how water spells his doom. Once you fire the lava blob out of the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Samsung Denied New Trial Regarding Apple’s “Bounce Back” ’381 Patent

bouncing-ball-7810One of the key patents in Samsung and Apple’s neverending patent dispute was ’381, the so-called “bounce back” patent. As you might recall, the patent describes the way in which an iPhone, when inertially scrolling a document, will bounce back when it reaches the top. It’s a little detail, but it’s one of the few […]

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