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Not content with simply being the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, occasional Apple copycat Xiaomi is also making inroads in becoming a major wearables company in its own right. Recently, the company’s CEO Lei Jun laid out his plans to sell… Read more ›

Cupertino has its chic Apple Watch, Redmond has its Microsoft Band, and now Intel has unveiled its own female-friendly take on the wearable phenomenon with a $ 495 smart bracelet — which will allow users to receive and respond to text messages, emails and other… Read more ›

  The people behind Vybe are calling it a “smart bracelet,” because it’s missing a key element included in all smartwatches: the screen. Instead of relaying information through a display, Vybe vibrates, nagging you to look at your phone. A…

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Waiting for Apple’s iWatch? Good luck with that if you’re expecting anything fancier than a fitness-tracking iPod nano with a wrist strap. You should save your money, your hopes and your time and buy Beloved Crapware Vendorâ„¢ Brando’s Fashionable Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet + Watch instead.

This piece of plastic tat connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth (the battery sucking old Bluetooth, not the fancy new everlasting low-energy Bluetooth) and vibrates for any incoming  [Read More…]

The Larklife fitness gadget doesn’t just lifelessly track all the mundane details of your life, like calories burned, miles trudged and hours snoozed away. No, this little thing actually learns your habits and tells you, in realtime, exactly what you should do to make yourself healthier.

the bracelet core wears a sweatproof wrap during the day; at night, you can slip it into a soft “pajama-inspired” band to track your sleep activity.  [Read More…]