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Animated game AZZL will bust your brain out of the real world

This post is brought to you by Jutiful, maker of AZZL and other smart games. Much as candy makers know what taste buds they’re appealing to, game makers have learned what makes people respond. Similarly, the “animation puzzles” in AZZL make it feel like a game that’s also a confection: sweet and a little addicting. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Energize your brain with REBUS, a stylish but absurd logic game

This post is brought to you by Jutiful, creator of REBUS. You know what a rebus is — a graphic puzzle representing a word or phrase. An example would be a letter “M” sitting atop the word “day”: “M” on…Read more ›

Watch these 5 great horror-comedies before Zombeavers eats your brain

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Zombeavers, but it’s out now. And, true to its name, it is about beavers who are also zombies, and they lay siege to a cabin full of hapless, idiot teens on a weekend…Read more ›

12 juicy info nuggets plucked straight from Tim Cook’s brain

Life at Apple has been phenomenal ever since Tim Cook took over as CEO. AAPL shares are up 120%. 750 million iOS devices have been sold. $ 100 billion was returned to shareholders. And Apple just became the first $ 700 billion…Read more ›

Tiny wearable could keep your kids from getting brain damage

LAS VEGAS — Football in America is under attack after the revelation that concussions cause serious brain damage rocked the NFL. Youth participation has plummeted in the last two years but the folks at Linx have a new solution that…Read more ›

Apple’s new ‘eRase U2′ service gets Bono out of your brain forever

U2 has not had a good week. What was supposed to be the most epic album release of all-time spun into a bloody hatefest as Apple decided to add Songs of Innocence to every iTunes user’s purchased items lists. The…Read more ›

Apple promotes personalized learning with new brain training app

Apple’s been big on education under Tim Cook’s leadership — whether that be pushing for iPads in schools around the world, or teaching people to code in Apple Stores. Apple’s latest Editors’ Choice in the App Store continues this educational theme,…Read more ›

Bluetooth Guitar Pedal Will Thrill Your Ears But Hurt Your Brain [Review]

IK Multimedia is responsible for a veritable boat-load of music peripherals and apps, like the hard-rocking guitar crunch of effects app Amplitube and the portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys. If you’re a musician interested in working with iOS devices on…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Wins Patent For 3-D Goggles That Would Turn Your Brain Into An Imax Theater

  The Oculus Rift has quickly grabbed the hearts of gamers with it’s amazing 3D tech, but it looks like Apple has been thinking along similar lines as the company has dreamed up a variant of a wearable 3D display…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Give Your Brain A Boost With Two Weeks Of Free Learning At lynda.com [Deals]

If you’re looking to take your skill set to the next level, then lynda.com is a surefire way to do it. No matter your line of work, these professionally produced, expert-taught video tutorials will help you learn the business, creative,…Read more ›

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