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Apple’s Brand Is Worth More Than The Cost Of The Apollo Space Program

Apple’s brand value is more than the total cost of the Apollo Space Program in today’s dollars, according to a new report by brand consulting agency Brand Finance. Apple topped a list of 500 firms — including heavyweights like Walmart,…

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley Invests In New Indian Smartphone Brand

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is one of the principal investors behind a new smartphone brand set to launch in India. The as-yet-unnamed brand is being funded by the investment and acquisition company, Inflexionpoint, for which Sculley serves as a…

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Apple Named The World’s Most Valuable Brand For Third Year In A Row

Apple maintains its position as the world’s most valuable brand for the third year in a row, according to this year’s Brand Finance Global 500 study. After Apple, the other positions in the Top 10 were filled out by Samsung,…

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iPhone Users Have A ‘Blind Loyalty’ To The Apple Brand [Report]

A new survey of 2,000 iPhone users saw 3/5ths of respondents admit to having a “blind loyalty” to the Apple brand. 78% percent claimed they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now,”  while 52% said they had been…

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iPhone Was The Most Dominant Smartphone Brand Last Quarter [Analyst]

Apple has regained its lead over Android in the battle for U.S. smartphone marketshare, according to the latest report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP). Going by CIRP’s figures, in the final quarter of 2013 iOS eked out a 2…

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iMacs Named “Most Desirable” Desktop Brand In U.S.

A new report from analysts Park Associates has placed Apple at the top of the list for most desirable brand in the desktop computer category. Apple has previously topped the survey for most desired brand in tablets, smartphones, MP3 players,…

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Apple Beats Coca-Cola, Google To Become World’s Most Valuable Brand

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 7.58.50 AMCoca-Cola is often held up as that most American of brands, but it’s certainly not the most valuable American brand. In fact, that upstart Apple — a company 90 years younger than Coke — has just pushed the sugar-water purveyor off the list of most valuable brand in the world. According to a new report […]

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Cleaner, Faster, Simpler – It’s A Brand New Evernote For iOS 7

evernoteSplashEvernote has updated its essential mobile app for iOS 7, adding a completely redesigned home screen that puts everything in front of you, right away, including all your notes, notebooks, tags, shortcuts and announcements. Of course, that’s not all, as the developer says on its blog: The new iOS 7 is exactly the sort of […]

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OmniFocus 2 For iPhone: A Brand New, Full-Price App For iOS 7 Only

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.47.07 AMLooking forward to OmniFocus 2 on your iPhone? Then you can also look forward to ditching OmniFocus 1 and paying full price for the update. And if you do want OF1, then you’d better buy it now, as it’ll be disappearing as soon as the new app is launched. OmniGroup, the developer behind OmniFocus, OmniOutliner […]

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Apple Wins Best Tablet, Mobile Phone, and Computer Brand Of The Year. Again.

Yep! All. Three. Categories.Market research firm Harris Interactive conducts a fairly extensive poll each year in the area of consumer electronic brands. This year, Apple again took the top spot in three major categories, named the best brand of tablet, computer, and mobile phone. The iPad, Mac, and iPhone scored the best across an array of specific brand […]

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