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Protect yourself from massive iOS security breach

Apple has now been affected by the worst security snafu in iOS history when it found that hundreds of apps, mostly in the Chinese App Store, have malicious code in them, called “XcodeGhost. Apple’s pulled the affected apps from the App Store to contain the security breach, but you’ll still need to take a few […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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AT&T admits to insider breach of personal information

AT&T has a confirmed that it suffered a data breach back in August, carried out by one of its own employees. The now-former employee accessed personal information relating to an unspecified number of users (thought to be in the region…Read more ›

You need to change your eBay password thanks to a major security breach

You need to change your eBay password. Now. Later today the online auction giant will be emailing all customers to inform them that it has discovered a major security breach that took place several weeks ago. A database that included unencrypted passwords…Read more ›

Half The Companies Allowing Personal iOS And Android Devices Have Suffered A Security Breach

BYOD programs present security challenges some companies choose to ignore.

The most striking point in a recent reportcommissionedby Trend Micro was that IT administrators are beginning to rank Apple’s iOS ahead of RIM’s BlackBerry and other mobile platforms, but there were some other significant details in that report.

The report focuses on mobile security and issues related to bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Such programs encourage employees to use their personal  [Read More…]

Once More Unto The Breach, Apple Files For Another Galaxy Tab Ban

According to Foss Patents, Apple filed a motion for an immediate US ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 yesterday. This comes in the wake of Mondays Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruling that was partially in favor of Apple. If Apples motion succeeds, there will then be a US ban in place against three major Android device makers. Last December, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) banned specific  [Read More…]

Sony Online Entertainment Data Breach Confirmed, 12,700 Credit Card Numbers, 24.6 Million Accounts Affected

It seems May isn’t going to be any better than April for Sony after the Japanese company was forced to take its Sony Online Entertainment servers offline due to another security breach.


The people behind online games such as DC Universe Online, SOE’s systems breach means that  [Read More…]

Sony Sued Over PlayStation Network Data Breach

While we’re sure nobody will be surprised by this, it’s still a little disappointing that it’s happened nonetheless. With Sony admitting yesterday that its PlayStation Network had indeed been hacked with personal details (and potentially credit card numbers) stolen, it was always a matter of when, not if someone was going to sue them.

This particular brand of money-grabbing was filed today on behalf of Kristopher Johns, 36, of  [Read More…]