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8 characters that cause Skype to have a catastrophic breakdown

It’s a bad week for simple messages capable of bringing down entire apps. Following on from Apple’s Messages-crashing “Unicode of death” code, a nasty bug has been discovered in Skype, which promises to crash the software every time you attempt…Read more ›

iPhone 5 Rumor Breakdown: What You Can Expect [Infographic]

You’ve read plenty of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 on Cult of Mac by now, but what about the big picture?

Our friends at Nowhereelse.fr have put together a handy infographic detailing all of the marquee iPhone 5 rumors and the likelihood of each one actually making its way into the phone next month. Some big tech and Apple blogs were consulted for the making of this graphic, including Cult of Mac.  [Read More…]

A Visual Breakdown Of Tablet Screen Sizes Compared With Rumored iPad Mini [Image]

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This graphic shows popular tablet screen sizes compared with the rumored ‘iPad mini’ screen size. Tablets include the Kindle Fire (Amazon is rumored to introduce a new generation of the Fire in coming months), Google Nexus 7, current iPad, and the theoretical 7.85-inch iPad mini’s screen. Rounding the screen size, we should actually be calling the purported device a 8-inch iPad.

Rumors are saying Apple will unveil the iPad  [Read More…]

Breakdown of iPhone 4S: A Disappointing Analysis?

Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” media event is now over and many are left disappointed. The iPhone 4S was announced along with several iOS device refreshes and many were left unsatisfied. Apple revealed the price points for the new iPhone 4S (with contract) which consist of: • $199 – 16 GB • $299 – 32 GB • $399 – 64 GB The device will consist of both black and white models and will be available for pre-orders starting October  [Read More…]

Here’s a Breakdown of Everything Apple Announced Today at “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event

Confused by the whirlwind of Apple news from today’s Let’s Talk iPhone event? Don’t worry. We got a quick break down of all the new stuff Apple released today, including details on the iPhone 4S, Siri, iPod Nano and the highly anticipated Cards app. iPhone 4S – Looks just like the iPhone 4 but the guts have been revamped for speed. The  new A5 chip (Same chip in the iPad 2),  [Read More…]