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This Jurassic World trailer will hit you like a ton of Lego bricks

I’m a massive fan of both Lego and Jurassic Park, so a combination of the two is pretty much guaranteed to hit the sweet spot. In anticipation of the upcoming Jurassic World video game, set for release this June on…Read more ›

Bricks puts a new spin on block destruction

I know I’ve said it before, but video games hate bricks. And to that end, here’s yet another title about destroying those square bastards. It’s called Bricks, and it has a novel approach to smashing things that gets as fast-paced…Read more ›

Shatter Alley Hates Bricks And You Equally [Review]

Video games have always had some weird vendetta against bricks. That paddle in Breakout, Mario, Simon Belmont in Castlevania … they all busted up blocks like they caught them stealing their lunches. Shatter Alley by Dojotron Category: iOS Games Works…Read more ›

Nanocam, A Build-It-Yourself Camera Made From Bricks

Fact: Kids love Lego. Fact: Kids love cameras. Fact: Kids love to choke on teeny, tiny sharp plastic bricks.

Fuuvi’s special edition Nanoblock camera satisfies all of these passions: It’s a tiny little kit made of even tinier little nano-Legos, and any child, even a stupid one, can use it to make all kinds of neat working digital cameras.

The main guts is in a central block, which splits  [Read More…]