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Google brings 360-degree storytelling to iOS

Looking for an innovative, immersive app experience to entertain your buddies with this weekend? Then you may be interested in 360-degree animated film app Spotlight Stories, which just landed on iOS after a couple of years as an Android exclusive. Using… Read more ›

Trippy photo app brings your worst nightmares to life

Remember when Google announced, probably from within a heavily fortified and Skynet-proof bunker, that its artificial neural networks were “dreaming”? And then we saw the above picture of a squirrel ravaged by a computer’s best and most terrifying guesses at… Read more ›

Phenomenal survival game, This War of Mine, is now available on your iPad (and select Android tablets). The team did a fantastic job of creating the atmosphere of war from the perspective of the civilian’s caught up in it. The… Read more ›

If you’re looking for a best-in-class photo retouching and editing app, you can’t go wrong with Pixelmator, available both for Mac and iOS. The mobile version is utterly fantastic, letting you engage in the same sort of high-end photo editing,… Read more ›

Apple Watch app preview facelift brings out the beauty

Apple’s rolled out some much-needed changes to how Apple Watch preview screens look in the App Store. Have you looked at those shots lately? They look weird. And depending on which version of iOS you’re currently running, that could mean… Read more ›

Half of everything brings out the saw in this divorce

It’s hard to say whether one man’s eBay page indicates he’s bitter about his divorce or has taken the division of property too literally. A German man used saws to divide possessions shared with his estrange wife, giving her half… Read more ›

Lara Croft Go brings tomb raiding to iOS

Fans of the Tomb Raider game series will be able to bring the adventure along with them with an upcoming game from developer Square Enix Montréal. Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle game with a bright, stylized visual style.… Read more ›

Online auction site eBay has updated its iOS app to include Apple Watch functionality. Now, sellers and bidders can keep an eye on their transactions wherever they are. The Watch app is as impressive for what it doesn’t try to… Read more ›

Organizing the flood of photos and videos we all have is the central challenge of today’s photos apps. Director of Photos for Google, Anil Sabharwal, took the stage Thursday morning at the annual I/O conference to detail the company’s new… Read more ›

This movie app brings you daily deals on classic films

If you’re looking for a good deal on a movie to watch you may want to check out the freshly-launched Movie of the Day! app on iOS, which offers up to 70 percent discounts off the price of new and classic… Read more ›