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Kitschy Scopitone jukebox brought the jams before MTV

Cable boxes couldn’t be hooked up fast enough in August of 1981. People said I want my MTV.   Music videos blew our minds as we watched for hours on end a steady rotation of our favorite rock and pop…Read more ›

How two Sonic fans brought an aging franchise back to life on iOS

In the summer of 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog was, quite simply, the greatest thing Simon Thomley had ever seen. At the age of 11, Thomley had graduated to the SEGA Genesis gaming console after years as a Nintendo Entertainment System…Read more ›

How Steve Jobs brought skeuomorphism back to Apple in 1999

Although he gets most of the blame for it, skeuomorphism wasn’t really Scott Forstall’s fault. He was just following the orders of his boss and mentor, Steve Jobs. The man who gave the world the first skeumorphic consumer operating system,…Read more ›

Community to be brought back for sixth season … by Yahoo

Many Community fans were upset at the news back in May that the popular sitcom was being taken off the air. Well, Yahoo has come to the rescue, announcing that it is picking up the show for a sixth season…Read more ›

This stunning iPad racer looks like a comic book brought to life

Phrases like “it’s a comic book brought to life” are usually hyperbole, but that’s not the case for SXPD, a new iOS game which blends gorgeous black and white comic art with compelling gameplay. Described by developer Little Chicken as…Read more ›

Apple No Longer Banned From Selling Products That Are Brought Into Iran

RadanMac is one of the many stores in the Iranian capital that unofficially sells Apple products openly.Apple is now free to sell its products to customers who plan to bring them to Iran, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Treasury Department has loosened its trade sanctions on Iran, but Apple is still not permitted to sell directly within the country or to its government officials.  [Read More…]

How Jobs Director Brought ‘Brutally Honest Character’ To Silver Screen

Joshua_Michael_SternIt’s not easy making a posthumous movie about the world’s most well-known and beloved control freak. Just ask Joshua Michael Stern, director of new Steve Jobs biopic Jobs. The film delves into the early days of Apple Computer as Stern paints a picture of a man he calls a “brutally honest character.” Don’t go into […]

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This Jokester Brought An iMac Into The Microsoft Store [Image]

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 11.12.33 PM

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. What could he possibly need fixed by Microsoft? Boot Camp? Office? Who knows. Cheers, you magnificent troll.

Source: Jai Definichon

Via: Gizmodo

Google Just Brought 3-D Maps To iOS Before Apple Could

With iOS 6, Apple is looking to replace Google Maps with their own Cupertino solution that also provides 3-D maps of cities across the globe. Google isn’t going down without a fight though, so they just updated their Google Earth app for iOS to include 3-D maps before people get comfy with Apple’s Flyover solution in iOS 6.

Some Android phones have had Google’s 3-D maps since June, but the  [Read More…]

Mountain Lions Power Nap Feature Brought To MacBook Air With New Firmware Update

Apple unveiled Power Nap in Mountain Lion during the WWDC conference in June.

Can’t find Mountain Lion’s Power Nap feature anywhere on your MacBook Air? Apple has issued a new firmware update to bring the feature to 2011-2012 models. In case you didn’t know, Power Nap is a system management feature in Mountain Lion that silently fetches your emails, iCloud data, software updates, etc. while your Mac sleeps. For Power Nap to  [Read More…]