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Retina MacBook’s ‘butterfly’ keyboard feels a bit buggy

Today’s media presentation was billed as an Apple Watch event and even its name, “Spring Forward,” had the press preoccupied with time and wrist-based computing. But journalists in attendance were just as excited to learn about a completely reinvented Retina…Read more ›

Resize the Large Buggy Open / Save Dialog Windows in OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite has a rather peculiar bug with Open and Save dialog windows, where the file selector or saver dialog window shows up as inappropriately large. Sometimes the Open / Save window gets so big that it goes underneath the users Dock or even off screen, effectively preventing the dialog window from being resized. … Read More

How to Delete the Buggy iOS 8.0.1 Update from Your iPhone & Prevent Accidental Installation

The original iOS 8.0.1 update has proven to be a disaster for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users, where it has led to a nonexistent cellular connection and malfunctioning Touch ID. This has forced users to restore or downgrade their iPhones to resolve the iOS 8.0.1 problem, a nuisance to say the least. While … Read More

How to downgrade from Apple’s buggy iOS 8.0.1 update

Apple just rolled out its first update for iOS 8 with a bunch of bug fixes to resolve problems with third-party keyboards, HealthKit, and other features, but what Apple failed mention is that the update also knocks out your cellular connectivity…Read more ›

Apple TV 6.0 Update Returns After Buggy Version Was Pulled

uploadIf you were one of the many Apple TV users who didn’t have a pleasant experience updating to the big 6.0 update a few days ago, it’s safe to re-download and try again. After there were widespread reports of the software bricking devices, Apple pulled the update from its servers. That happened earlier today, and […]

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Preview iOS 7 On Your iPhone & iPod Touch Without Installing the Buggy Beta

Of course the best way to preview iOS 7 would be to install the beta, but let’s face it, that beta is buggy, incomplete, and besides, it requires a developer account to use, which makes it inaccessible to the vast majority of people. So what’s the next best thing to preview the new iOS without installing the beta? Viewing full-sized, full-screened videos and screen shots directly on your iPhone or iPod touch. This gives you an excellent idea of how  [Read More…]

Curiosity: Buggy As Hell, But Still Strangely Captivating [Review]

My God. It’s full of cubes.

This is Curiosity, a free iOS game from British gaming icon Peter Molyneux. The idea is that all of us – everyone playing the game – work together to peel off layers of cubelets that make up the larger revolving cube. At the center, a surprise (and a prize) awaits the person lucky enough, and determined enough, to tap on it at the end.

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Buggy Podcasts App To Update Later Today

Great first try, but now let’s fix this thing, ok?

The Podcasts app, released by Apple last month, is a thing of potential beauty. I’ve already returned to a state of podcast listening due to the app, which lets me find and focus solely on the podcast content I need, without all the kludgy hassle of syncing and downloading.

Notice I said “potential” beauty. The app is really not ready for  [Read More…]

Carat For iOS Improves Battery Life By Identifying Buggy Apps

You'll be surprised by how many apps are using battery life unnecessarily. Use Carat to find them. If youre an iPhone user who playsAngry Birdsand watches YouTube videos all day long, you probably think your handsets battery life is terrible. In reality, the iPhone often provides you with a lot more energy than many rival smartphones, and as for the iPad, well, no other tablet beats it when it comes to  [Read More…]

Storyful News App Is A Great Idea, But Too Buggy To Rely On [Review]

Too slow, too often: Storyful for iOS struggles to live up to its name

Storyful for iOS says it can help you separate the news from the noise. It plucks interesting news stories from social media networks, spotting the stuff thats trending and turning it into a news feed. That all sounds great, until you start trying to use it although its a great idea with great promise, its  [Read More…]