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How to File Bugs & Offer Feedback in MacOS Sierra

Beta testers of macOS Sierra can send feedback and bug reports directly to Apple, offering a chance to help shape the future of the Mac operating system. Reporting bugs and offering feature feedback is part of the fun of beta testing (and part of the purpose of the public betas), so if you are running … Read More

How to Report Bugs in iOS 10 & Send Feedback to Apple

Now that iOS 10 public beta is available to install for anyone, users can run the beta system software on any compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Of course since it’s beta software, users may encounter bugs, or there may be behavior that is generally unexpected or could be improved upon in the iOS 10 … Read More

Newly discovered OS X bugs could get your Mac hijacked

Apple released a patch for OS X vulnerabilities last week, but a security researcher has already discovered two new exploits that could allow an attacker to remotely gain access to your Mac. Italian developer Luca Todesco uncovered the two new zero-day vulnerabilities that are susceptible to a combination of attacks that corrupt memory found in […][Read More…]

Tweetbot For Mac 1.4.1 Update Fixes The Bugs That Ail You

Tweetbot is probably our favorite Twitter client for iOS, especially after Tweetbot 3 gave the app a major makeover for iOS 7. It’s also one of our favorite Mac Twitter clients, but it tends to hover a bit behind Tweetbot for iPhone when it comes to features. A new update, however, narrows the gap a […]    [Read More…]

Apple Starts Adding Back Old Features To iWork On The Mac, Fixes Bugs On iOS

Apple has rolled out updates for all of its iWork apps on both OS X and iOS. Earlier this month, Apple revealed features from iWork ’09 it would be adding back to the new suite in the coming months, and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Grandma Does Indeed Love Bugs In This Adorable, Educational Kids App

Who doesn’t love bugs? Kids of all ages love them, of course, and in new educational app, Grandma Loves Bugs, they’ll get a chance to explore the wonderful world of the many legged creatures with ten super fun mini games…Read more ›

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iTunes 11.04 Update Squashes Some Majorly Annoying Bugs


A few weeks after the 11.03 release the brought iTunes a redesigned MiniPlayer comes iTunes 11.04, an incremental bug-fixing update that fixes a problem that can cause iTunes to quit if you switch between wired and wireless syncing, and an issue where the iTunes Store keeps on asking you to login to your account ad infinitim.

You can grab the update through Software Update or the Mac App Store now.

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Hjole! Apple TV Software Gets Updated To Support Mexican Netflix And Fix Audio Bugs

Its a tiny, tiny squidge of an update, but an update nonetheless: Apple has just released version 4.4.3 for the Apple TV, adding support for Netflix in Mexico and resolving an audio issue where sound might not play through the optical port when the attached TV is turned off. As usual, to grab the update, just hit up Settings > General. Enjoy all those great streaming episodes of Abrzame Muy  [Read More…]

Some Bugs And No Crafting, But No Problem! Minecraft: Pocket Edition Rocks [Review]

Minecraft for iOS, baby Its here. Its Minecraft. And now you can play it on your iOS device. Clap your blocky hands together and praise Notch. If youve played Minecraft before, this isnt quite the game youre used to. As it stands, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a stripped-down version that removes what many existing fans of the game will say are the best bits. Dont pay too much  [Read More…]

Facebook App Performance Improved And Bugs Fixed With The Latest Version 3.4.4

Facebook has just updated their iOS App, Surely it’s a responseto the unsatisfied users who are growing more every day because of the bugs that every new update brings. Though Facebooks HTML5 Mobile website works just fine, We should check out the App. What’s New in Version 3.4.4 – Restored the Send button for Comments, Chat and Messages – Restored friend lists to the News Feed filter – Fixed a number of bugs that caused  [Read More…]