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Earlier this year, the leader and visionary behind Android, Andy Rubin -—the man Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once called an “arrogant f***” — stepped down as head of Google’s mobile OS. What’s he been doing since? Well, if there’s any… Read more ›     

Freak TowerFreak Tower by GungHo Software Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Price: Free The developer behind incredibly successful free to play iOS game, Puzzles & Dragons, is back with a new free to play title called Freak Tower. Launching the game for the first time allows prospective tower builders to walk through [...]

The post ‘Freak Tower’ Adds Tower Defense To Building Sim With Solid Results [Review]  [Read More...]


Apple is building a massive new store at the Stanford shopping center in Palo Alto to replace its smaller, more modest retail location a few hundred yards away. The new Apple Store is going up just a stones throw away from a big Microsoft Store that opened last spring.

The new flagship store is expected to be one of Apple’s largest ever, as it will enough extra floor space to test new  [Read More...]


Apple looks to be building another retail store in Beijing, which could open its doors in time for the launch of new iPhones and iPads this fall. Construction has begun on a building that bears a strong resemblance to a typical Apple retail outlet in Beijing’s China Central Place Shopping Center.

The store was first spotted by the Beijing Business Daily, which describes it as a two-story building that occupies around 500 square meters. The  [Read More...]

Is Apple Working On Building An iRobot?


One would think that the self-evident answer to the question posited in this post’s headline would be “No,” followed by a pregnant pause, a licking of the lips and then followed it up with the words “You idiot.”

And, in fact, that probably is the answer. But if Apple’s not working on a robot, then why the heck is Apple hiring one of the country’s foremost robotics experts, John Morrell?

Now,  [Read More...]


The City of Shanghai has just confirmed via the Municipal Commission of Commerce that Apple will be opening a research and development center this summer.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Commission, Apple has registered three firms across a trifecta of buildings in Pudong, Shanghai, one of which will be dedictated to procurement management and R&D.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard about a Shanghai R&D center. CNET China reported a couple  [Read More...]

There’s been a lot of talk about Project Azalea, Apple’s rumored $ 10 billion project with TSMC to build a top-secret chip plant on domestic shores. We’ve heard it might be built in New York. We’ve heard it might be built in Portland. Wherever it’s built, though, it’s believed to be a major blow against Apple’s frenemy Samsung, who currently builds the majority of Apple’s custom ARM chips.

Unfortunately, it turns out  [Read More...]

Not all of Apple’s new iMacs are being assembled by Foxconn.

When you open up a new Apple gadget — whether it be a new MacBook Pro or an iPhone 5 — the packaging will almost always tell you it’s been “designed by Apple in California” and “assembled in China.” But Apple’s new iMacs are an exception to that, because some of the all-in-ones are being assembled in the good old United States  [Read More...]

Apple TV is just a hobby, but it’s still a pretty great product that beats most of the other low-cost entertainment service set-top boxes on the market. It turns out that Microsoft may want in on the action and is building there own Apple TV type of device to compete with Apple.

Sources at Microsoft have confirmed to The Verge that the Redmond company has plans to introduce a low-cost alternative to  [Read More...]

Steve Jobs was a Buddhist, a religion founded on the concept of the impermanence of all things.

Especially Apple products.

A lot of users complain about Apple’s everything-is-temporary philosophy. But I think Apple will increasingly embrace it — and even launch a social network whose main feature is the deletion of your posts. 

The Impermanence of All iThings

Apple has traditionally set itself apart from rivals in its enthusiasm for abandoning old  [Read More...]