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Apple’s been known for its extreme levels of secrecy since Steve Jobs made his return back in the late 1990s and, while that has changed somewhat under Tim Cook’s stewardship, there are still areas Apple is incredibly careful about revealing.… Read more ›

With over 70 million iPhones sold in the last quarter alone, Apple has quickly become one of the world’s largest display buyers in the world. To meet the increasing demand of iPhones, Apple has reportedly struck a deal with Japan… Read more ›

SimCity: Complete Edition is the most up-to-date version of EA and Maxis’ fourth iteration of the seminal metropolis building simulator and it’s out in the Mac App Store right now. I launched the game last night at around 8:00 pm.… Read more ›

Building iOS math game a family affair

At 9, Mariah Martin already has a handle on future careers. “Veterinarian, professional figure skater, fashion model and teacher – not all at once.” For now, she must settle for tech entrepreneur. The Seattle fourth-grader and her father, Scott, understand… Read more ›

Samsung may play a part in building the Apple Watch

Samsung reportedly has Apple’s blessing to manufacture the processors for the Apple Watch, which will be allegedly be made using the company’s 28nm process technology. The order would come at just the right time for Samsung, which recently announced another… Read more ›

Jewelry maker Mat Brown is getting married, and the romantic in him is hard at work creating wedding rings out of an alloy of silver and gold called electrum. But on the practical side of sharing a life, Brown recently… Read more ›

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Foxconn is set to spend $ 2.6 billion building a new factory in Taiwan exclusively to create displays for Apple. Equipment installation for the factory is likely to begin next month, with the aim of starting… Read more ›

Apple CEO Tim Cook dropped by an iPhone factory in Zhengzhou yesterday during a trip in China, and not only did he spend a few minutes having a laugh with an assembly line worker, he even tweeted a picture about… Read more ›

Your iPhone can make payments, control your smart home, and track your health — and soon it might be able to control your car, as well. A new patent published Thursday describes a way of using the iPhone’s geo-location capabilities… Read more ›

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is notorious for its empire of iPhone-assembling employees and robots, but the electronics manufacturer is looking to shift gears, by building a dirt cheap electric car, and it’s already investing $ 811 million to speed up the… Read more ›