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This LED bulb puts out brilliant light and sound [Deals]

If you thought LED light bulbs couldn’t get cooler, well, you were wrong. Energy saving, long-lasting, superior quality light, the StrimLIGHT LED bulb has all that going for it. It also has the ability to play crisp, clear audio. Yes, from a light bulb. Right now you can get a StrimLIGHT LED bulb for just […]

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Smart bulb colors your world without breaking the bank

If you found the transition from incandescent to fluorescent painful, you will be relieved to know you are in the midst of a lightbulb moment. This is the year when the price of LED-based smart bulbs, with the color and quality of light controlled by mobile apps, falls far enough to go mainstream. Entering the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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This next-gen light bulb is full of futuristic features, and it saves money [Deals]

We’re still waiting for our jetpacks, but at least today’s lightbulbs are properly futuristic. The best example of how far lighting has come is the ilumi A21 Bluetooth Smartbulb, a super-efficient LED light that sports features straight out of sci-fi. And right…Read more ›

Best gadget deals of the week: Get 45% off the light bulb of the future, 44% off extending your GoPro’s reach, and more [Deals]

      This week saw some prime deals at Cult of Mac. Check out the slashed prices on high quality bluetooth headphones, indestructible cables for your iPhone or Apple Watch, and plenty more. ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb – 45% off…Read more ›

ilumi is a smart bulb that just got a little smarter

It took a little while for investors to see the light, so to speak. Corey Egan and Swapril Bora developed a smartphone controlled LED light bulb, but needed two crowd-funding campaigns, prize money from winning new product contests they had…Read more ›

ilumi creators enjoying their light bulb moment

All that remains of the original Thomas Edison invention is the socket fitting. That and it still only takes one person to screw in the light bulb. The rest of the ilumi smart bulb, which is slowly lighting the way…Read more ›

Daredevil climbs 1,500 feet to change a light bulb

Imagine walking five street blocks in a city like, say, New York. Then think about climbing that distance straight up. That’s what Kevin Schmidt does for a living: changing the airplane warning lights at the top of super tall TV…Read more ›

Sengled lights are smarter than your average bulb

LAS VEGAS — It seems like everyone is selling some kind of smart light bulb these days, but Sengled is setting itself apart by incorporating wild add-ons like Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi repeaters. That’s right, a light bulb with a…Read more ›

Emberlight turns any dimmable light into a smart bulb

There are various smart light bulbs on the market, with the most famous probably being the Philips Hue connected bulb. But new Kickstarter project Emberlight has come up with a unique (and certainly more wallet-friendly) spin on the concept of…Read more ›

Link is a smart LED light bulb you control with your iPhone

More than a century after Thomas Edison created his version of the light bulb, General Electric — the company founded by Edison — has introduced a new smart LED light bulb called Link. What’s neat about Link light bulbs is…Read more ›