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Snapchat got a bunch of awesome new video effects today

Videos on Snapchat are getting some new special effects today with a big update that adds ‘speed modifiers’ to the app’s toolset on both iOS and Android. The new speed modifiers are basically video filters that allow snappers to add slo-mo, fast-forward, or rewind effects to a video. If you’re on an iPhone 6s or […]

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Tim Cook ranked top CEO by a bunch of computers

Tim Cook heads a company that devotes massive brain power in developing and understanding algorithms. And it was an algorithm that ranked the Apple CEO the nation’s top executive from a list of 250. ExecRank, a kind of social network for companies to find advisors and board members, uses a statistical and algorithmic analysis to […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Neil Armstrong’s ‘bunch of trash’ is space history treasure

Neil Armstrong had just been the first man to walk on the moon but now had to put out the trash. It was a critical step home. Precise weight had to be calculated for re-entry and to make way for…Read more ›

Mailbox gets a bunch of new features and support for 19 languages

Mailbox, the beloved email app owned by Dropbox, received a pretty big update today in the App Store. As the Mac beta of Mailbox continues to roll out slowly, the app is maturing on iOS. 19 languages are now supported by…Read more ›

Compress A Bunch Of Files Into One Zip Archive For Easier Sharing [OS X Tips]

I remember back in the olden, pre-OS X days, when you’d need to use a utility like Stuffit to compress a bunch of files together into one archive, shedding excess data and making it easier to get those files to…Read more ›

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Fox News Installed A Bunch Of Bizarrely Enormous iPads In Its Newsroom

Fox News unveiled a first glimpse at its new studio for the Fox News Deck that features some insanely gigantic touch screen tablets that will be used by Foxes Information Specialist while the Shepard Smith serves up hottest topics of interest. The 55-inch Windows-based touchscreens will be used by the crew to sift through rumors […]

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Cat On A Diet – Like A Bunch Of Games You’ve Already Played [Review]

Cat on a DietYou know what people love? Cats. Just look at the Internet: It has cats everywhere. You know what else people love? Breaking stuff. Just look at Angry Birds. Cat on a Diet by Nawia Games Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $0.99 And a third thing people love? Taking two things and jamming […]

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Feedly Adds Support For A Bunch Of RSS Apps Like Reeder


When Google announced the shut down of Google Reader this past March, Feedly stepped up, promising to create its own Reader-like system for other third party RSS apps to connect to, and thereby lessen the impact of Google’s industry-standard takedown.

In a blog post today, Feedly announced the next step of its plan to rule the RSS landscape with the support of several third party RSS apps, including Reeder, Press, Nextgen  [Read More…]

How A Bunch Of Hardcore Bikers Stopped Making Hot Rod Parts To Make iPhone Cases [Feature]


Bill Karas (pictured above) has switched his business from making hot rod parts to iPhone cases, and it’s paying off

Bill Karas isn’t your typical biker. Yes, he’s got the type of facial hair that would make ZZ Top proud. He’s even got his own custom shop where he can build you anything your bike or hot rod needs.

But behind all the facial hair, metal music, and hot rod loving exterior,  [Read More…]

Delete A Bunch Of Photos Right From Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

As we mentioned in yesterday’s tip, sometimes you need to just clear out some space from your iPhone or iPad to make room for new photos as they come in, whether you’re taking them on the device itself or using PhotoStream. As one commenter mentioned yesterday, all these different sources of photos tend to make the number of them add up.

But what if you just want to dump a bunch  [Read More…]