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Geeky Apple Watch details buried in WatchKit

The official release of Apple Watch is still months away, and while there are still details we don’t know about the new timepiece – like price and battery life – Apple’s release of WatchKit this morning adds some new light…Read more ›

Why the Mouse Should Be Buried With Its Brilliant Inventor

SRI_Computer_MouseDouglas Engelbart died this week. But his most iconic idea lives on. The venerable computer mouse, originally prototyped as a pine box with three buttons and metal wheels, was dreamed up by Englebart fifty years ago. The mouse has been upgraded and re-envisioned — for example, they don’t use wheels or even trackballs anymore. Some […]

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Save to a Target Directory or Buried Path in Mac OS X the Fast Way

Have you ever wished you could quickly save a file to a target directory, one that had a lengthy path buried somewhere deep in OS X? It turns out that by using the excellent Go To Folder shortcut, you can do exactly that, and if you know the destination path or have it in your clipboard, you don’t even need to click around in the Save dialog window to navigate through those deep directory structures.

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iPhone App Will Lead to 2000 Worth of Buried Treasure in U.K.

U.K.-based iPhone app developer Candid Innovations Ltd. has buried 2000 worth of gold sovereigns somewhere in the U.K. The secret location of this treasure is hidden inside an iPhone app all you have to do is solve the clues to locate the gold. The idea was inspired by a similar treasure hunt set up by Kit Williams in 1979. Williams buried a casket containing a jeweled golden hare somewhere in  [Read More…]