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This post is brought to you by BuzzBundle.com. The power of the internet lies in the conversations it carries. If you’re looking to build an online reputation for your business or brand, you’ve got to make sure your voice is heard where it counts. Wherever someone is talking about something you can relate to, there’s […]

IBM is set to become Apple’s largest corporate client ever, and now the company’s old rival is finally embracing Macs and iPhones, Big Blue is ready to help other businesses switch to Mac as well. In order to help its corporate clients switch over to Macs quickly, IBM announced today that it now offers cloud-based […]

SAN FRANCISCO — Teddy Winthrop is forgetful, a trait he inherited from his dad. His father implored him to get a Day-Timer, an executive planner that was wildly popular in the ’80s. But the young entrepreneur dismissed the idea —… Read more ›

Microsoft is gutting its Windows Phone hardware business

Remember that time Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer openly laughed at the iPhone? Well, it turns out the phone business isn’t so easy after all, because for the second year in a row Microsoft has announced it’s laying off large numbers of… Read more ›

If you ever want to find some evidence of just how significant Apple is these days, take a look at how it can impact upon seemingly unrelated areas — like, say, tourism. According to a new report, following Apple’s decision… Read more ›

Eddy Cue gives LeBron the business during NBA Finals

The NBA Finals started last night, with LeBron James taking to the court in search of yet another championship ring. His team is taking on the Silicon Valley Golden State Warriors and, while Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue was all… Read more ›

Another week, another collection of amazing deals at huge discounts. Pay what you want for the business design bundle worth over $ 1,500, ditch headphone wire tangles and save 51% on the Active Wrap wireless headphones, and pick up other great deals.… Read more ›

Steve Jobs’ business cards sell for $10k

Three of Steve Jobs’ old business cards — each representing a different phase of his career — have sold at auction for a whopping $ 10,050. Spanning the years 1984 to 1990, the cards name Jobs as President of NeXT, Chairman… Read more ›

The iPad has had five consecutive quarters of negative shipment growth, and according to Apple’s supply chain, that’s not changing any time soon! According to a new report coming out of Asia, Apple’s supply chain manufacturers expect iPad shipments to… Read more ›

  Steve Jobs memorabilia collectors can now grab the holy trifecta of business cards while also doing a bit of good along the way. Three Steve Jobs business cards from his days at Apple, Pixar, and NeXT are up for auction… Read more ›