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Apple launches a portal for businesses to get better exposure in Apple Maps

If you’ve got a business that Apple Maps just keeps on getting wrong, great news. Apple has just launched a new portal for U.S. businesses to add or edit their listings within Apple Maps. Called Apple Maps Connect, the new…Read more ›

Apple signs White House pledge to speed up payment to small businesses

While Apple is making money hand over fist today, it’s not that long ago (OK, 37 years) that it was a new business with the same cash-flow problems faced by all small companies. To help speed up its business transactions,…Read more ›

Samsung Seeks Better Smartphones As Camera & Mobile Businesses Merge

Samsung has merged its digital imaging and mobile communications businesses in a bid to create better smartphones. The South Korean company hopes that the reshuffle will lead to better collaboration between the two teams as consumers become increasingly concerned about…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Maryland Police Bust Two Local Businesses For Selling Fake iProducts

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 7.52.52 AMIt’s the day before Labor Day Weekend starts in the United States, and news is a little slow this morning. It appears to be slow for the Maryland Police, too. They are claiming that they “busted” two Maryland stores and recovered hundreds of “counterfeit” Apple produces that were being sold as the real thing. That’s […]

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Apple Targets Businesses With New iOS 7 Promo Page

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 14.48.42Apple has added a new promotional page to its website for iOS 7, targeting business users who will be using iPhones and iPads in a professional capacity. “iOS 7 offers more advanced ways to deploy devices and deliver a great user experience for your employees,” the Cupertino company says, before highlighting the many ways in which iOS 7 can benefit business […]

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Evernote Finally Announces A Service For Businesses [Video]

Evernote finally expands to offer true business and enterprise features.

Evernote has become an indispensible tool for people all over the world. The incredibly versatile “save anything” tool is used at home, school, and work. One nagging issue has been that although Evernote is an amazing productivity tool and has tons of business applications, it has never been good at sharing on a large scale – like the level of sharing that  [Read More…]

Why Apples iMessage Isnt A Home Run For Businesses

iMessage has a lot to offers a secure messaging platform, but it isn’t without flaws.

When Apple unveiled iMessage, one of the first thoughts for many IT professionals and business users was that Apple had come up with a secure messaging platform that could rival RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger. While iMessage has a lot going for it as a secure messaging platform, there are still some reasons that it may not be an  [Read More…]

Jumsofts New Clipart Package For iWork And iBooks Author Is Great For Students And Small Businesses

Jumsoft’s latest clipart and pattern pack delivers plenty of impact.

App and template designer Jumsoft announced a new collection of images and patterns for Apple’s iWork suite. The new package, known as Elements for iWork, is the company’s eleventh collection of professionally designed images, templates and stationary designed to help businesses, students, and consumers create stunning documents and projects using a range of Mac apps.

Elements for iWork includes 360 doodle-inspired icons,  [Read More…]

No More Swipe Fees For Small Businesses Using Square Payment Processing

Square is courting small business with new rules and lower transaction fees.

Last week, Square announced a partnership with Starbucks to provide back-end payment processing and CRM for the coffee mega-company. Today, Square brings news of the other end of the business spectrum. Small businesses who make less than $ 250,000 per year will no longer have to pay the standard 2.75 percent per swipe processing fee (though they can still  [Read More…]

Apple Is Still Failing When It Comes To Selling Apps To Businesses And Schools

Apple’s volume purchase program falls short for many schools and businesses.

Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is the company’s half-hearted attempt to deliver some form of enterprise licensing program for the iOS App Store. The program does make it marginally easier for businesses to bulk purchase and deploy apps to iPhones and iPads than telling employees to buy apps and then reimbursing them, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.  [Read More…]