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Portable battery pack juices up a MacBook with OnePlus 2’s USB-C cable

If you’re still wondering why everyone’s so excited about the new, do-it-all USB Type-C standard, check out the video below, which shows Apple’s new MacBook being juiced up by a portable battery pack and the OnePlus 2’s new USB-C cable.…Read more ›

Save 52% on this ultra-long MFi-certified Lightning cable [Deals]

When you’re powering your iPhone or iPad, you don’t want to be stuck next to an outlet in order to use them while they charge. The solution? This 10-foot Apple charging cable, now $ 18.99 at Cult of Mac Deals. Use…Read more ›

Save 33% on a 10-foot MFi-certified Lightning charging cable [Deals]

If you’ve ever found yourself awkwardly crouching next to a power outlet, waiting for your phone to charge, then you’ll quickly see why we snapped up this MFi-certified Lightning cable as soon as it made its way to Cult of…Read more ›

CNN lands on Apple TV, but you still need cable

CNN came to the Apple TV today in the form of “CNNgo,” an app that lets you view live broadcasts, shows, and popular news clips. Unfortunately, the bulk of CNNgo is still shackled to cable, meaning you won’t be able…Read more ›

Why You May See a “This Cable is Not Certified and May Not Work Reliably” Error on iPhone & iPad

Rarely, when you plug an iPhone or iPad into a particular Lightning charger cable you’ll see a pop-up or lock screen message on the device that says something to the effect of “This cable is not certified and may not work reliably”. This usually prevents the lightning cable from charging the device as well. Though … Read More

Sling TV, the Netflix for cable, opens doors to all subscribers, with new channels coming

Sling TV — the Dish-owned streaming service that does for cable what Netflix did for video tentals — has just announced that it is opening its door to the general public. And if the cable stations it currently has on…Read more ›

Get comfy while charging with The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable [Deals]

It’s a pretty common sight: Using an iOS device that is short on battery life while it’s charging with an even shorter Lightning cable. Now you can get the range of motion you need to comfortably use your iOS device…Read more ›

Best Sellers Of The Week: 10 Ft. iOS Lightning Cable, Cloud Backup, & more [Deals]

There are dozens of great deals at Cult of Mac Deals every day. Today we highlight 3 offers that are ending very soon. This is your last chance to get in on these popular offers for The 10 Ft. MFI-Certified iOS…Read more ›

How to stream the Super Bowl for free without a cable subscription

This year’s Super Bowl will be streamed for free over the internet in full HD, no cable subscription required. Completely unbundling the big game is an effort on NBC’s part to promote its TV Everywhere service, which ironically requires a…Read more ›

Have room to roam with the 6-Ft MFi-Certified Android & iOS Charging Cable [Deals]

If you are tired of the neck strain and uncomfortable sitting positions associated with trying to use your mobile device while it’s charging with an insanely short charging cable, read on. For a limited time you can purchase the 6-Ft…Read more ›