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Quickly Calculate Tips With 14-Year-Old App Developer’s Second App

The now 14-year-old app developer we introduced to you last year, Nicholas G, has just released a second app, putting all of us adults to shame yet again. This year, Nicholas has put together a rather impressive looking tip calculator that makes it super easy to figure out an accurate tip without all that pesky […]

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Calculate Tips Quickly The Fun Way With Siri [iOS Tips]

Sure, you could use the calculator, or any one of a dozen-odd apps that allow you to tap the screen and calculate the tip in a restaurant, but why even bother? iOS and Siri can meet your needs just by talking to your iPhone–or iPad, but won’t that get meatloaf gravy all over it?

Regardless, here’s how to ask Siri the right way to calculate the tip for the super-helpful server or  [Read More…]

Calculate The Square Root Of Pi On The Purring Tummy Of The Great, Enormous Catculator [iOS App]

There�s not much to say about Catculator, a $ 0.99 Calculator.app replacement that allows you to perform simple arithmetic on the heaving fuzzy belly of an enormous Studio Ghibili style cat! But just because there isn�t much to say about it doesn�t mean that hundreds of thousands of iOS users shouldn�t be alerted to the fact that they can do math by poking and prodding an adorable, sleepy cat as soon  [Read More…]