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Why the iPad has never shipped with a calculator app

As crazy as it sounds given the wide range of use-cases Apple makes possible with the iPad, it has never shipped with a built-in calculator app. And, according to a recent post on Twitter from a user claiming to be an ex-Apple employee, we may finally have an explanation. Shock horror: it involves Steve Jobs being a perfectionist. Check […]

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Android running on a TI graphing calculator is uselessly cool

When it comes to cool Android hacks, this one’s got to be up there with the best. Developer Josh Max has managed to get Google’s mobile platform running on a Texas graphing calculator with about as much power as a kitchen wall…Read more ›

Access the Scientific Calculator & Programmer Calculator in Mac OS X

The Mac Calculator app may appear somewhat limited at first glance, but there’s actually two other calculator modes contained within the app; a full featured scientific calculator, and a programmer calculator too. Accessing the alternate calculators in OS X is really easy, but like many of the other interesting Calculator app features, it’s pretty easy … Read More

How to Show a Paper Tape in Calculator App for Mac

If you find yourself adding up many numbers or just performing a continuous string of math that is critical to keep track of, you should know that the Mac Calculator app includes a paper tape feature. For those who aren’t familiar, a paper tape keeps a running trail of each item entered into a calculator, … Read More

Stash all your secret files in KYMS’ encrypted calculator app

This post is brought to you by IdeaSolutions, creator of KYMS. What better way to keep your media safe than to encrypt your files and hide them behind an iOS app that appears to be nothing more than a stylish calculator?…Read more ›

Apple reverses stance on weird iOS calculator widget ban

Yesterday Apple notified indie developed James Thomson that he would have to remove the iOS 8 widget from his calculator app, PCalc. After the news received a good amount of backlash and press attention, Apple has reversed its stance on the issue.…Read more ›

Eureka! Archimedes scientific calculator gets major update

Scientific calculator app Archimedes has received its first significant update in quite a while. Adding the expected iOS 7-compatible design tweaks, the app also adds a number of useful improvements. The first of these relates to Archimedes’ plotting function. Curves now feature…Read more ›

How To Use Spotlight Search As A Calculator [OS X Tips]

When I’m sitting at my Mac and need to do a quick bit of calculation, I typically launch the Calculator app with my app launcher of choice, Alfred. If you don’t want to launch the app, click on the numbers,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tydlig Calculator Is Like Scrawling Numbers On Paper, Only Smarter

  You know how when you’re working with numbers on paper, and you draw a line from the result of one equation to kind of “link” the result to the beginnings of another? Like maybe you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party and you tot up the cost of drinks in one section, the fake […]    [Read More…]

Enable Speech Mode And Make Your OS X Calculator Talk [OS X Tips]

Talking CalculatorSometimes, when you’re tapping away at a calculator, it helps to hear what you’re typing in. It’s like a second stream of information for your brain, and it helps keep things more accurate. There are a variety of talking calculators on the market, and a bunch of iOS apps that do the same thing. Did […]

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