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Master Your Calculator App With This Secret Gesture [iOS Tip]

Did you know that the Calculator app built into iOS has a hidden swipe gesture that allows you to delete those digits that you tap accidentally? No, neither did I until this morning, when I discovered this nifty little backspace trick by accident. When typing digits into the Calculator app, simply perform a swipe — either to the left or to the right — across the Calculator’s display with one  [Read More…]

Turn the iPhone into a Scientific Calculator by Rotating Calculator App

Scientific Calculator for iPhone Need to use a scientific calculator on the iPhone? Instead of downloading a new app, just launch the existing Calculator app and then rotate the iPhone so that the screen orientation is horizontal. This instantly transforms the calculator app into a scientific calculator, no visit to the App Store is required. This will work on the iPod touch as well, and has been around in iOS for  [Read More…]

Customize the Look and Feel of Your iPhone Calculator with ‘My Custom Calc’

It doesn’t take a calculator to add up how many design and appearance options come with your iPhone’s preloaded calculator tool – zero. This big, fat goose-egg provided the impetus for a new app that makes your iPhone calculator customizable in lots of cool ways. And we have the team at Happenstance LLC to thank for this free and download-worthy addition to the App Store. A few hours ago, I connected with Christopher Lee of  [Read More…]