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See Exactly What Your Friends Have Planned With Wonderfully Social Calendar App UpTo [Daily Freebie]

upto-1  UpTo might be the best social calendar app ever made. I’ve never really seen anything like it; so if it isn’t the best (or really the only) social calendar app around, whatever else is out there must be perfect — because UpTo is pretty damn fantastic. The whole point of UpTo is to create […]

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Popular iOS Calendar App Agenda Hits Version 4.0 With New Design

side-by-side_blackSavvy Apps makes Agenda, one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for iOS. Today Agenda hit version 4.0 with a complete redesign, new gestures, and integration with other great third-party apps. “With over 3 million updates since launch, we did something right with Agenda,” said Savvy Apps. “That’s why Agenda Calendar 4 is a […]

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Any.Do Launches Beautiful CAL Calendar App

cal-photo.jpgAny.Cal is the new iPhone calendar app from Any.Do, and it brings an ultra-clean UI to your iOS calendar, complete with some rather useful extras. Plus it uses the same account you already have for Any.do, which ties everything together. The picture above really says everything. On first run, the app asks to access both […]

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Get Your Calendar Items To Show Their Time Zone In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Time Zone Support Mavericks BetaCalendar, previously iCal, has had Time Zone support for a while now. The Mac I’m using that runs OS X Mountain Lion let’s my turn on Time Zone Support in the Advanced tab of the Calendar preferences, so I can be sure to be on time for meetings when I travel away from my current […]

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Scroll Continuously Through Your Calendar In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Calendar Continuous ScrollIn the OS X Calendar, at least up to OS X Mountain Lion, the way to move from month to month, or week to week, is to hit the right or left arrows near the top of the calendar window, a fairly typical mechanic among calendar apps, really. In OS X Mavericks beta, however, you […]

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Mastering Notification Center: Only See Certain Types Of Calendar Events [OS X Tips]

Sweet customization!

Sweet customization!

In OS X Mountain Lion, you can set a Calendar notification for a repeating event on your iPhone, then get that notification on your Mac. Heck, you can even set a Calendar event on your Mac and get it when you’re out and about with your iPhone or iPad. It’s all a part of Apple’s iCloud integration, and it works pretty well, most days.

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Mailplane Puts Gmail And Google Calendar On Your Mac Desktop


I have used Mailplane on and off for years. I love that it turns the great Gmail interface into a proper desktop app, complete with drag-and-drop attachments, notifications and an icon in the dock and tab switcher. But I never liked its super power of spinning the CPU of my Mac at all times, even when supposedly idle.

Now v3.0 is out, and it seems to have solved the latter problem, while  [Read More…]

Launch Files & Applications on a Scheduled Date with Calendar for Mac OS X

Calendar app icon If you’ve ever wished you could schedule the opening of a specific file, or set an application to launch on a specific date, either on a one off basis or on a recurring scheduled event, you can actually do both right in Mac OS X with the help of none other than the default Calendar app. This is an astonishingly useful feature that is largely unknown, but it’s extremely  [Read More…]

Five Awesome Tips And Tricks To Master OS X Calendar [Feature]

As a user of Google calendar, I’ve often ignored Mac OS X’s Calendar app, formerly iCal, for the bright internet lights of the easy to use, sharable online calendar from the folks in Mountain View, California.

I forget, though, that Calendar has a ton of great features for folks who really don’t need or want to use Google’s option, or who just want to stick with Apple products. There’s a dedicated group of folks out there that use nothing but  [Read More…]

Navigate Your Calendar Even Faster On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]

iOS Calendar

You know how when you use the iOS Calendar app, you can tap on the little arrows to the right or left of the Day or the Month? This will move you one unit per tap, so when you’re in Month view, you’ll move forward one month if you tap on the right arrow, and one month back if you tap on the left arrow. Same thing with the Day view:  [Read More…]