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Find My iPhone reunites family that escaped California wildfire

A battalion chief with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection was reunited with his family after they fled their burning home — thanks to Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature. Paul Duncan was on a job fighting a forest fire in Hidden Valley, California, when he received a panicked call from his wife saying […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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California rules that Uber driver is actually an employee

Uber’s business plan may have just received a big blow from the California Labor Commission today as it ruled that one of the ride-hailing service’s drivers is actually an employee, not a contracted worker. Uber was ordered by the court…Read more ›

Your next iPhone could be designed in California, made in India

Up until now, the majority of iPhones have been built in China, but long-time Apple manufacturer Foxconn could be setting its sights on a new developing market: India. According to the Economic Times, the Foxconn Technology Group is set to…Read more ›

California Apple Store building sells for record-smashing $100 million

How valuable is it to have an Apple Store in your property portfolio? Pretty valuable indeed, as it (unsurprisingly) turns out. That’s the point proven by the Third Street Promenade Apple Store in Southern California, which has just sold to…Read more ›

Bye bye, iCrime! California moves to make iOS-style ‘kill switches’ required by law

Introduced in iOS 7, Activation Lock is a feature that prevents users who recover a lost or stolen iPhone from activating the device without signing in with the Apple ID used to erase the device remotely. By all accounts, Activation…Read more ›

California closer to ‘kill switch’ law

SACRAMENTO — The state where the iPhone was born came a step closer to a law that might help keep it in your hands. State Sen. Mark Leno’s Smartphone Theft Prevention Act (Senate Bill 962) passed the state legislature this morning…Read more ›

California Court Rules It’s Not Okay To Check Maps On Phone While Driving


Entire ad campaigns have been created to get people to stop texting while driving. It seems like common sense – you can’t get where you need to go if you’re busy texting your friend Sheila all about how excited you are for your date tonight.

But what if you can’t get to your date because you need to check your phone’s maps? Is it ok to look at maps while you’re  [Read More…]

Apple Decorates The California Theatre For iPad Mini Event This Tuesday

“Apple Special Event,” indeed.

Apple’s upcoming iPad mini media event will be held at an unusual location, the California Theatre in San Jose, California. Instead of typical locations like the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco or Apple’s own Town Hall, the company is branching out and presenting in a venue it hasn’t used in 7 years.

As usual, the venue was decorated for Tuesday’s event over the weekend. Here are some pictures  [Read More…]

The Worlds First Convention For Jailbreakers Will Be In California This September

Americas first jailbreak convention is scheduled to take place on September 29th, 2012 at theSouth San Francisco Conference Center in California. The guys behind JailbreakCon, formerly known as MyGreatFest, have also announced the conventions star-studded speaker lineup. The creator of Cydia, the jailbreak equivalent to Apples App Store,will be headlining the event again. The convention kicked off in London, U.K. last year to warm reception  [Read More…]

California Lawmakers Mandating Energy Efficient Smartphone Chargers

Legislators in Sacramento, California are cracking the whip on smartphone makers that produce device chargers that are subpar in terms of energy efficiency. As the AP confirmed Friday, the California Energy Commission voted 3-0 on Thursday to “regulate the power-sapping chargers that waste as much as 60 percent of the electricity they consume.” The only objections to the move came from consumer product makers, as the mandate comprehensively covers cellphones, tablets, and practically any mobile  [Read More…]