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How to Record iPhone Phone Calls the Easy Way

Want to record an iPhone call? Did you know there is a very easy way to record iPhone phone calls using nothing but your iPhone and a voicemail trick? I know you’re thinking what does recording an iPhone call have to do with voicemail, but it turns out that a simple trick allows you to … Read More

U.S. senator calls for ban on gun which looks like an iPhone

New York senator Charles Schumer is speaking out about a .380 caliber gun disguised as an iPhone, which he says is a “disaster waiting to happen.” Schumer called on the federal Department of Justice and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to look into the weapon — and possibly ban it — before […]

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Pro Tip: How to disable calls on other Apple devices

We received a message today on our Cult of Mac Facebook page asking about calls showing up on an iPad when the call originated on an iPhone. There are a couple of different places to turn this feature off so you’re not juggling all your iPads and Macbooks when you make or receive phone calls. […]

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Tim Cook calls on rivals to copy Apple (on renewable energy)

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple CEO Tim Cook is urging competitors to copy Apple in the fight against climate change. Speaking today at the BoxWorks 2015 conference at Moscone Center here, Cook said Apple’s rivals should copy its efforts to run their operations entirely on renewable energy. “We are very focused on the environment,” he said. […]

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GM exec calls Apple Car a ‘gigantic money pit’

Industry insiders are absolutely positive that Apple has no business entering the smartphone smartwatch car industry — with former GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz telling CNBC that an Apple Car has the potential to be a, “gigantic money pit.” Yep, we agree Lutz — an autonomous Apple Car has the potential to make loads of money for […]

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Slack boss calls Siri ‘f—ing idiotic’

We have a bit of a digital-assistant war brewing in the tech world. In addition to Apple’s Siri, we have Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana and, eventually, Facebook’s MoneyPenny. Everybody’s out to provide users with the most helpful fake secretaries imaginable, and even productivity app Slack is getting in on the action. But while touting upcoming […][Read More…]

Wallpapers and Wi-Fi calls galore – the new treasures in iOS 9 beta 5

iOS 9 beta 5 is out today for developers and some of the most exciting changes yet are in store for those who haven’t downloaded it. The last beta release came a little over two weeks ago and included the return of Home Sharing and lots of tiny design tweaks here and there. This time around, […][Read More…]

Video calls could make Facebook Messenger a Skype killer

Facebook Messenger is today launching its assault on Skype with a new update that brings video calling to users on Android and iOS. The feature works over Wi-Fi and LTE, and it’s completely free. After updating your Facebook Messenger app, you’ll find…Read more ›

Hysterical video shows why phone calls on the Apple Watch are going to be a nightmare

We’re all looking forward to the Apple Watch, but there’s one thing I’m definitely not looking forward to: the ability to answer phone calls on your wrist. And this clever video shows exactly why. This video by New York-based YouTube…Read more ›

How to Make Phone Calls from Mac Using iPhone

If you have a Mac and an iPhone, you can now make phone calls from your Mac using that iPhone. The phone call will sound through the Mac speakers and use the Mac microphone, but the actual call itself routes through the iPhone. This is a part of the Continuity suite, which is really nice … Read More