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Leaked iPhone 6 photos reveal protruding camera and other details

A new set of leaked iPhone 6 photos from luxury iPhone upgraders Feld & Volk reveal that Apple’s next handset may come with recessed volume buttons, a protruding camera lens, and an embeddable Apple logo that might be made of…Read more ›

Oh, snap! iPhone 6 camera may feature new 13MP Sony Exmor sensor

For many users, the iPhone has long since been their default go-to camera, and that’s unlikely to change with the upcoming iPhone 6. As many smartphone camera aficionados will know, Apple has been using Sony’s Exmor sensors for its cameras…Read more ›

Gadget Watch: New gear to trick out your iPad, your bike and your camera

Snappgrip iPhone camera grip fails to deliver on great idea

The Snappgrip is a fantastic idea, with not-too-bad hardware to back it up. It’s an accessory grip for your iPhone that adds a Bluetooth shutter release, zoom buttons and control dial to the phone’s camera, as well as a wrist…Read more ›

Itseez3D gives your iPad camera 3-D imaging superpowers

3-D scanning is set to get a whole lot more user-friendly, thanks to a new app from visual technology company Itseez. Called Itseez3D, the just-launched free iPad app works with the $ 499 Occipital Structure sensor, which launched on Kickstarter in…Read more ›

How to fix your iPhone’s camera by acting like the Fonz

In famous ’70s sitcom Happy Days, Henry Winkler’s unflappably cool greaser, Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, has a superpower, described on Wikipedia as “an almost magical ability to manipulate technology with just a nudge, bump or a snap of his fingers for…Read more ›

This simple app is the best way to hide your iOS Camera Roll porn from your mom

Let’s face it: We all have some photos on our iPhones or iPads we don’t exactly want other people seeing. When I hand my mother my iPhone to show her photos of my honeymoon in Turkey, there are some photos…Read more ›

iPhone 5 Camera Not Working? A Light Press May Fix It

My iPhone 5 camera completely stopped working recently, and appeared to stay that way despite forced resets, killing camera apps, and every other traditional troubleshooting trick in the book. What do I mean by stopped working? I mean the Camera app loads, but the camera viewfinder shows nothing at all just a black screen, and … Read More

Pencil vs Camera blurs line between reality and whimsy

Ben Heine is a magician. Like David Blaine and Criss Angel before him, he has a special talent for blurring the line between reality and fiction. But instead of utilizing sleight of hand or his indomitable will to delight his…Read more ›

Apple adds scrolling camera roll to Messages app in iOS 8 beta 2

Apple threw an upper-cut at messaging services like Snapchat and WhatsApp with iOS 8′s new Messages features, but its latest addition in iOS 8 beta 2 adds an extra jab by making it quicker than ever to toss pics at your friends.…Read more ›