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Will.i.am Wants To Staple Another Camera Onto Your iPhone’s Camera

Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am has a plan: he wants to turn your iPhone’s 8MP sensor into a 14 megapixel SLR capable of taking pro-caliber photoshoots. He says it’ll turn your iPhone into a “genius-phone.”

Claiming that the new iPhone accessories will “dramatically emhance the clarity and definition o fyour photographs,” will.i.am says: “‘We have our own sensor and a better flash. You dock you phone into our device and  [Read More…]

Nanocam, A Build-It-Yourself Camera Made From Bricks

Fact: Kids love Lego. Fact: Kids love cameras. Fact: Kids love to choke on teeny, tiny sharp plastic bricks.

Fuuvi’s special edition Nanoblock camera satisfies all of these passions: It’s a tiny little kit made of even tinier little nano-Legos, and any child, even a stupid one, can use it to make all kinds of neat working digital cameras.

The main guts is in a central block, which splits  [Read More…]

How To Master Your DSLR Camera And Digital Photography Skills [Deals]

The iPhone is fast becoming one of the most – if not the most – used cameras on the planet. But serious photographers know that nothing really beats a DSLR in terms of quality – and any serious hobbyist knows that as well. So if you’re looking to get some superior shooting, then learning how to use a DSLR camera is a must. And for those who already have a DSLR  [Read More…]

Tilt Shift Camera


We’re used to cheap software mimicking expensive hardware, and nowhere has that been truer than with tilt-shift photography. What was once an effect needing super-expensive and unwieldy architectural camera gear is now a free filter in many free apps.

But the trend sometimes goes the other way. Here’s the Tilt Shift camera from Photojojo, an actual physical digital camera with a tilt-shift lens. For $ 150.

Tilt 2

“Shift” is meant to  [Read More…]

On Trains, Planes, Or Automobiles, Airport International Keeps Your Camera Gear Safe [Review]

Think Tank International

The Think Tank International is ready for stow in a carry-on compartment near you.

A mere 6 months ago, I moved my glut of photography gear into a new, portable home: the Think Tank AirPort International Rolling Camera Bag ($ 350). Since then, I’ve been able to tote my equipment around easily, in style, but most importantly, packed snugly in a vault of total security.

I immediately loved it.

But as  [Read More…]

Blux Camera Is The App Rick Deckard Would Use

If Rick Deckard had carried an iPhone in the movie Blade Runner, and he’d used a camera app, that app would have been BLUX. Not only is it a pretty great iPhone camera replacement app, but it has all the bleeps, bloops, on-screen graphics a futuristic sci-fi replicant could ask for. Hell, it even has a neat computer voice that offers photographic advice.

Blux takes full advantage of the iPhone 5 and the latest  [Read More…]

Hyperscope, The High-Tech Low-Fi Can Camera

The Hyperscope: Even the name is awseome.

This amazing chunk of technology is – unbelievably – home made. It’s a camera, it is milled Apple-style from a single block of aluminum, and it’s called the Hyperscope. What’s not to love?

Biult by the very able Matt Abelson, the Hyperscope is a “can camera,” a pinhole camera built into an old beer can or similar, only it is clearly way more complicated than an  [Read More…]

Memoto Camera Photographs Your Entire Life, Every 30 Seconds [Kickstarter]

I own a cheap plastic tape measure. I also own (or rather, haven’t yet tossed out) a conference lanyard with a retractable card holder for my laminated ID.

Why am I telling you this? Because both of them look just like the Memoto, a teeny-tiny lifeblogging camera which you wear around your neck or clip on your clothes. Like both of my crapgadgets, the Memoto is small and inconspicuous. Apart from the bright-orange color…

  [Read More…]

The C-Loop Makes Your Favorite Camera Strap Even Better [Review]

Custom slr c loop 4

Back in June, when I first reviewed the C-Loop camera strap mount from Custom SLR ($ 40), my favorite camera strap and mount was actually the RS-5 system from a company called Black Rapid. But since those long summer days, though I still really love the RS-5, I’ve noticed that the C-Loop has really grown on me and has become my de-facto strap mount.

After three months of use,  [Read More…]

Ace Case Pointlessly Protects iPhone Camera

The iPhone’s camera is a little wonder, not least in its actual physical manifestation. The tiny lens is now capped with a crystal cover made from the same scratch-shrugging glass used for high-end watches. And all it takes to clean off the daily gunk is a quick rub on your pants leg.

But that hasn’t stopped the folks at Ace Display (ace name, BTW!) from designing a redundant case to protect and clean that same  [Read More…]