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iPhone 5 To Sport 8 Megapixel Camera From Sony?

In an interview with Walt Mossberg, Sony CEO Howard Stringer said one of the company’s Japanese factories had been affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the country. According to 9to5Mac, Stringer went on to say this factory was meant to be making camera sensors for Apple.

Stringer just said that their camera image sensor facility  [Read More…]

Apple To Bring Dual Camera System On iPhone For 3D Photos And Videos

New Patent from Apple shows that they have considered adding an extra camera to a device such as the iPhone to enable users to capture 3D photos. AppleInsider discovered the patent, called ‘Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors’ which details how they would implement the dual-camera system for the capture of 3D images.

In particular it differentiates itself from current offerings, claiming that it is a �paradigm shift from the known  [Read More…]

Use Skype As a Home Security Camera Monitor On iPhone [Guide]

If you have a small child that is watched by a baby sitter in your home, or just want to know what your really weird roommate does when you aren�t home, listen up to me! If you have a desktop computer or laptop with a webcam, then you already have a security camera.

Now all you need is an iPad 3G or iPhone that is compatible with Skype�s iOS app to act as the monitor. This way you will  [Read More…]

iPhone The Worlds Favorite Camera [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Geekaphone crowd have spent a month looking at the Apple iPhone in the context of it being a serious alternative to expensive standalone cameras. Written over 5 parts, the report looks into the various special effects applications we all know and love, how photo sharing applications and even compares the iPhone’s camera to high-end DSLRs – turns out the iPhone is a pretty good camera!

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iPad 2 FaceTime Front Camera Freezing Up

Another defect found in iPad 2 according to Apple Discussions forum, many iPad 2 owners are having issues with the built in FaceTime app. Namely, upon loading the application, the image from the front facing camera sometimes freezes � making a FaceTime call impossible.

Currently, we�re not exactly sure how many people are suffering from this problem. Most likely, the issue will be addressed in a future version of the iOS � possibly iOS  [Read More…]

Camera Quality Test: iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom vs Galaxy Tab

Apple�s iPad 2 comes complete with dual-cameras, but the question has been just how good are they? Macworld has tested Apple�s new slate against its main competition to see just how well it stacks up. Unfortunately, the results aren�t encouraging.

During the tests, they compared the iPad 2?s video and still photo prowess with those of its competition, namely the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Still photos were tested  [Read More…]

HD 720p Video Sample Shot from iPad 2 Rear Camera

With the news that Apple�s iPad 2 would feature not one, but two cameras, the debate has been whether the rear-facing one would be up to snuff or not. We have found this video on YouTube that is claimed to have been shot on an actual iPad 2, we can all make our own minds up.

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How to Save Facebook Photos to iPhone Camera Roll with Official Facebook App for iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

FBPhotoSave. One of the features you may seek about it on the official Facebook app is how to save Facebook photos on your iPhone camera roll. Now we got it, FBPhotoSave is a new Cydia tweak which allows you to save photos from Facebook app directly to your camera roll.

How to use FBPhotoSave? simply tap and hold the picture you want to save until it prompts from you to save it as  shown  [Read More…]

iPad 2 Screen Protectors Indicate Front Facing Camera

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We have seen countless articles about the rumored iPad 2’s Front Facing Camera and have come across many factors that lead us to believe the camera is coming. Today 9to5Mac is reporting that they have managed to get their hands on the official screen protectors for the iPad 2, and these protectors do indeed have a spot for the rumored camera.


With the help with some  [Read More…]