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Canadian Mounties crack down on stun guns disguised as iPhones

There’s no shortage of killer iPhone cases, including the Yellow Jacket, a stun gun case that can deliver 650,000 volts of electricity to an assailant while extending your iPhone’s battery life for 20 hours. But why buy a case when…Read more ›

Apple Sucked Into Investigation Of Canadian Crack Mayor

What connects Apple to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford? The answer is that the company has reportedly been called in to help Toronto police access Ford’s cell phone data for an ongoing investigation (nicknamed “Project Brazen 2″) into the controversial…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Canadian Thieves Rob Apple Store With Bear Mace


Any chemical that can dissuade a bear from using your ribs like emory boards is potent stuff, which is why this story of an Apple Store robbery up in Vancouver is so horrifying: three perps busted up a Genius Bar and started indiscriminately spraying people with bear mace.

According to a brief report in The Toronto Sun:

About 40 people were in the store at the Oakridge Mall around 7  [Read More…]

Canadian Consumers Purchase Clay iPad 2s Swapped out by Scammers

Nothing quite like spending $500 and opening up your mint iPad 2 box to find a giant piece of clay. At least it wasn’t coal right? A number of Canadian consumers thought the same thing this holiday season after some sneaky scammers returned a number of iPad 2s with clay replicas in the boxes instead of iPad 2s. The total number of iPad 2s swapped is as many as 24 all at Future Shop, Best  [Read More…]

Apple Brings TV Show Downloads to Canadian Apple TV Users

Apple has granted Canadians the ability to download and watch TV shows on Apple TV. Apple TV is Apple’s answer to television entertainment. It’s basically an internet box capable of streaming internet and computer content to your television set. It has some built in features that you need to pay monthly for including Netflix. Additionally, you can buy entertainment through iTunes as downloads or rentals at your own convenience to watch with your family. I  [Read More…]

Get Ready For Discount Blackberry PlayBooks, Because Canadian Stores Are Already Slashing Prices

If there’s one thing that seems to go hand-in-hand with struggling tablets, it’s generous price cuts. As Apple’s iPad continues to gain overwhelming popularity, tablets that attempt to fight the beast are falling short, and manufactures are being forced to drop their prices to shift their stock. The most notable reductions to date were seen from the recent fire sale from HP, which saw the company slash the price of its TouchPad to  [Read More…]

Canadian Carrier Telus Slashes iPhone 4 Price to $99

Canadian Carrier Telus is the first carrier to slash the price of the iPhone 4 to CAD$99 ahead of the iPhone 5 launch. Users signing a 3-year plan (and I though two years was bad) with telus will see the price of the iPhone 4 drop from CAD$159.95 to CAD$99, but the offer is only available until September 7th. The end date to this deal seems a little odd considering the latest reports peg the  [Read More…]

Canadian Carrier Begins iPhone 5 Employee Training, May Expect Next iPhone Within Weeks [Rumor]

Take this with a huge grain of salt, but one site is reporting that a new leaked memo says that Canadian wireless carrier Rogers is already making their employees undertake “iPhone Pre-Launch Training.” If history’s any guide, that could mean the iPhone 5 will be out within three weeks.