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How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone & iPad

Have you ever wondered how to cancel subscriptions from an iPhone or iPad? It’s pretty easy once you learn how. If you use an iPhone or iPad, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve subscribed to some services that require you to pay on a monthly or annual basis. These may include streaming music and … Read More

How to Cancel Apple News Plus Subscription

Did you sign up for Apple News+ as a paid service or trail and want to cancel the subscription? You can easily stop the Apple News Plus monthly $ 9.999 subscription fee if you are no longer interested in using the Apple News Plus service. For the unfamiliar, Apple News Plus is a paid subscription service … Read More

How to Cancel Apple Music Subscription

Do you want to cancel an Apple Music subscription? You can easily stop an Apple Music subscription from billing you again on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, or PC. For those who are less familiar, Apple Music is a paid $ 9.99 per month streaming music service from Apple that gives you access to a wide … Read More

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription before the free trial ends

It’s almost the end of September, which not only means the evenings are starting to draw in for most of us, but also that Apple Music’s three-month free trial is about to come to an end — with the $ 9.99 per month premium service kicking in from October. After its Apple Music Emmys ad, Apple is […]

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How to Cancel Printing & Print Jobs in Mac OS X

If you’ve ever printed anything from a computer, you’ve inevitably wound up trying to print something that you soon discovered wasn’t needed. Regardless, rather than letting the print job continue and waste ink and paper, the best thing to do is cancel the printers print job or jobs. There are a few ways to cancel … Read More

How to Cancel Sending a Message or SMS from iPhone

If you’ve ever hit “Send” on an iMessage or text message that you wish you could take back, or perhaps you’d just like to cancel a sent picture because it’s stuck on ‘Sending’ and taking forever to send the message due to a congested network connection, then you may find this iPhone “cancel send” trick … Read More

Yes, You Can Cancel Out of the “Compressing Video” Process when Sending Movies from iOS

If you send a lot of photos and video from an iPhone or iPad to friends and family, you’ve probably noticed that sending a movie brings up a curious looking pixelated black and white “Compressing Video” screen where the video is being squeezed down to a smaller size. If the video you’re trying to email … Read More

Learn the 2 “Cancel” Button Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS X to Close Dialog & Alert Windows

Most Mac users know that hitting Command+W will close an open window, and we’ve covered a handful of other window management keystrokes before, but what about closing the seemingly inactionable dialog windows found with Open, Save, Save As, Export, iCloud, and Print actions? For closing those type of dialog windows, you’ll want to use the … Read More

Use The New Cancel Dont Save Keyboard Shortcut In Lion [OS X Tips]

Apple provided some great default keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X Snow Leopard and one of my favorites was Command+D. You could use that keyboard shortcut combination to select the Dont Save option when closing adocument you havent saved yet. Unfortunately Apple decided to change the keyboard shortcut combination in Mac OS X Lion.   The following dialog box is an example of what pops up when you attempt to  [Read More…]

Apple Releases iOS 4.3 Beta 3; Allows Users To Cancel App Downloads Mid-Way

Apple has just released the third beta version of iOS 4.3 (build 8F5166b) to developers of iOS Developer program. iOS 4.3 beta 3 is available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPod Touch 3rd generation and iPad. The release notes does not provide any details about the changes in the new beta […] iPhone Hacks iOS 4.3, iPhone 4.3