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Farm Heroes Saga Is Candy Crush In The Countryside

Want to know which “freemium” (free to download, but with in-app purchases) game may just rule the App Store in 2014? Say hello to Farm Heroes Saga. From the creators of social games including Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Massacre Cute Things And Grin In Apache Candy [Review]

The Apache helicopter in Apache Candy is more like a friend to Jay Jay the Jet Plane than a fierce combat copter. He’s the little pink and purple avenger that could, and all he wants is to collect candy. Apache…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Drop That Candy Contains Every Kind of Sweetness [Review]

Drop That CandyEveryone loves feeding cute little animals, and mobile-game developers are no different. Games like Cut the Rope and Cat on a Diet are all about bringing food to adorable, tiny faces, and Drop That Candy continues the tradition. Drop That Candy by Greenfly Studios Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $2.99 In this […]

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Make Real-Life Analog Filters From Old Negatives And Candy Wrappers

You know what’s great? Magnets. You know what’s equally great? Filtered photos. Which makes this little DIY project – using both magnets and homemade filters – double great, right? Right guys?

If you have one of those hard-to-align magnetic accessory lenses for your iPhone, go grab it now. I’l wait. Now, blow the dust off and then try to find one of the spare adhesive rings which came in the bag.  [Read More…]