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If IBM Can Win With Macs And iPads In Business, Why Canít You?

    In Appleís iconic ď1984? commercial, it wasnít a stretch to realize that the big brother figure was meant to represent IBM. That makes it very ironic that IBM now has more Macs, iPads, and iPhones deployed than any company except Apple. The extent to which Apple devices are being used at IBM became clear during a presentation at MacWorld|iWorld last week by Chris Peppin that detailed the initiatives  [Read More…]

I Canít Reinstall Snow Leopard After Installing Lion [Ask MacRx]

Mac os x lion install Now hereís a bizarre headscratcher. A readerís Mac Pro was upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion, then refused to subsequently boot off the Snow Leopard DVD to reinstall the older OS on another drive. Despite many different attempts, for this one Mac it appears perhaps you canít go home againÖ I use Bryce occasionally to produce art for friendís projects. I just  [Read More…]

Apple Notebooks Sweep Consumer Reports Rankings, Still Can’t Recommend iPhone

This month’s issue of Consumer Reports has Apple notebooks ranked at, or near the top of every notebook category (small, 13″, 15″ and 17″). Congratulations you are now ruler of the Laptop Kingdom, here is the key to our money, dignity, and souls. I breathe at your behest. Honestly, it’s amazing that one company, in a sea of competitors, could dominate (in terms of quality) across the board in this many categories. There are a  [Read More…]