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Vietnam War photos leave haunting impressions on artist’s unlikely canvas

The coiled hose left a mark on the grass, a fading of color where the sun could not shine. From this moment on his front lawn, Binh Danh realized he could create a photographic process using sunlight, leaves and grass.…Read more ›

This 3-D painting app is the closest thing to holding a real canvas in your hands

There are some incredibly clever examples of people painting masterpieces using their iPad, but a new 3-D painting app called Psykopaint is promising to provide the most authentic painting experience yet. Psykopaint gives you an astonishing variety of materials and…Read more ›

The Digital Artist Bundle: A Complete Toolkit For Bringing Your Digital Canvas to Life [Deals]

If you’re a budding artist who wants to take on the digital world in a big way, then the latest offer from Cult of Mac Deals is for you. The Astounding Artist Bundle consists of five killer apps that you…Read more ›    [Read More…]

‘Procreate’ Illustration App Gets Big Update With Support For Newest iPads And 4K Canvas

Procreate, the illustration/design iPad app that won Savage Interactive a 2013 Apple Design Award, received a major update today. Not only has the app been redesigned for iOS 7, but it has also been optimized for the 64-bit A7 processor in…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Outback Solo, A Waxed Canvas And Leather Satchel For The iPad Air

Not interested in a case for you new Retina iPad mini, or the gorgeous iPad Air? Nope, me neither – I want to show that thing off to passersby and pickpockets alike. But what I don’t want to do is…Read more ›

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Super Slimline Canvas Satchel Sized For iPad

I’m a sucker for satchels. And with this beautiful canvas Mission Rucksack from Toffee, I can be a seersucker for satchels, because it also has a beautiful blue and white pinstripe lining. I know what your asking yourself. You’re asking whether I really decided to write up this bag just so I could use that […]

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Create A Custom High-Quality Canvas Print With CanvasPop [Deals]

CoM - CanvasPop 2

The more I travel, the more I take photos with my iPhone. I’m getting better at it with every trip, which means I’m getting results that might even be considered worthy enough to display on my wall at home. In the past I’ve taken my photos to brick-and-mortar shops that specialize in it – and their prices are just as “special” – which means that if a less  [Read More…]

Make Your Own Waxed Canvas Bag [DIY]

You know those cool old waxed canvas bags which used to keep things dry before miners discovered nylon in a cave in Papua New Guinea1? Now you can make your own! Well, technically you could always make your own. But now Photojojo has provided a guide for you. Spoiler: it’s dead easy.

You will need a canvas bag, a couple bars of paraffin wax, a brush, a double-boiler and – finally –  [Read More…]

Fabric Horse Waxed Canvas iPad Cases

Fabric Horse, the Philadelphia-based utility-wear company, has gotten around to making this sweet waxed-canvas iPad case.

It's finally here! iPad case made with waxed canvas, lined with neoprene. Front pocket for a cord, important papers, or a small book. Velcro closure.

Fits iPad, iPad2 with or without Apple Smart Cover.

Fabric Horse is my favorite maker of bike-related (and other-related) gear-carrying accessories. I still use a neat U-lock holster which lets me wear  [Read More…]