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Apple pushes iPhone camera capabilities in new ad

Apple debuted the latest ad in its “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” series over the weekend — showing off the iPhone’s superior ability to both take still images and record video. Check it out below: Previous ads in the series have discussed the iPhone’s amazing hardware and software, as well as […][Read More…]

Portal 2 Map Editor Now Includes Co-Operative Level Capabilities, 75% Off Coupon

Now you can play well with others.

If you haven’t played Valve’s amazing sequel to its arguably even more awesome original Portal game, now may be the time to jump in. Valve has updated the map editor for Portal 2 to include co-operative levels, called test chambers. Now you can create these yourself and share with the vibrant Portal 2 community on Steam for Mac, according to today’s news from Valve.

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New Apple Patent Reveals Upcoming Apple TV Set Could Have DVR Capabilities

Apple is expected to revolutionize television with a set of its own later this year, and while we’re all expecting the device to feature Siri, there’s very little else we know about it. But according to a relatively new Apple patent, credited to Steve Jobs, it may also feature digital video recording capabilities that allow you to save your favorite shows for viewing at a later date. The patent is  [Read More…]

IntelliScreenX Adds Quick Reply and Send Capabilities with Messages+ [Coming Soon]

Quick reply and send SMS/iMessages in IntelliScreenX with Messages+ (biteSMS and iRealSMS support coming soon). There has been a ton of hype lately in the jailbreak community as Intelliborn, famous for applications like MyWi and IntelliScreen, released a public beta of their new iOS 5 Notification Center application IntelliScreenX. ModMyi, prior to public release, gave an in-depth review of IntelliScreenX with all the possible features that it had to offer. By the time the public beta release of IntelliScreenX rolled  [Read More…]

Adobe Photoshop CS6 to Get Darker Aperture-Like Theme and New 3D Capabilities

Early betas of Adobe’s upcoming Photoshop CS6 software reveal that the application has been given a complete overhaul and features a darker user interface that looks a lot like Apple’s Aperture software. In addition to the new look, the software also features new 3D capabilities, an autosave facility, and a ton of other new tools. According to “people familiar with builds of the software compiled earlier this month,” who have  [Read More…]

Siri Demos and Reviews Show Capabilities, Sense of Humor

Reviewer: I love you Siri is closer to becoming self-aware than I feared. It is already exhibiting a sense of humor. What’s next jealousy? Revenge? Judgement Day? Seriously though, the above review and the video at the bottom the page from Stuff.tv show an incredibly capable voice activated assistant. Siri handles multiple accents without a problem, and never misses a step, even in environments with a normal levels of ambient noise. Obviously we’re very excited to get our own hands on the  [Read More…]

Adobe Updates Flash and AIR with 3D Gaming Capabilities for Developers

Adobe has announced the addition of 3D-accelerated graphics for the Flash and AIR platform. Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 will help to bring “the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms.” The aim is to bring immersive 3D experiences to both mobile and desktop devices. Adobe promises a “new class” of gaming and video experiences with Flash and AIR. Developers are encouraged to download the release candidates  [Read More…]

TruPrint Expands Jailbroken iDevice Printing Capabilities

The intelligent people at Intelliborn are picking up Apple’s slack and making it easier than ever to print to most network printers directly from your iDevice. Thanks to TruPrint, available now for download/install through Cydia, the $ 9.99 app enables your jailbroken device to work around the grossly limited iOS printing functionality, which largely excludes from printing just about everyone without one of only eight select printers. Yet another great example of how creative devs and jailbroken devices can make  [Read More…]