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How to Capitalize Words and Add Periods Automatically in Mac OS

The newest versions of MacOS support the ability to automatically capitalize words and to add periods with a double-space, two typing features which originated from the iPhone and iPad world but now are available on the Mac. Auto-capitalize words means that any word at the start of a sentence will be automatically capitalized, as will … Read More

Switch Word Casing to ALL CAPS & Capitalize Words with QuickType in iOS

The shift and caps lock key in iOS can be toggled at will to either capitalize a word or to type out something in ALL CAPS, but using the new Quick Type keyboard, you can switch casing of existing words really easy. This works really well on the iPhone and iPad, and once you learn … Read More

Sony invests $345 million to capitalize on selfie demand

The most important camera upgrade on the iPhone 6 won’t be on in the back, it’ll be the front-facing selfie-cam, and Sony says it’s ready to spend $ 345 million to make sure it has enough image sensors for the iPhone…Read more ›

iOS 6 Now Knows How To Capitalize After Quotes & Emoji

Theres no need to hit shift manually in iOS 6.

One of this smaller things that has always frustrated me about the iOS keyboard is that I have to capitalize letters manually before and after quotation marks, and after emoji. Its not that its difficult to do, its just that the keyboard built into iOS is already capable of some clever things, so why cant it do this? Well, in  [Read More…]