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Pro Tip: Make iOS 9 keyboard all caps again

I can’t stand the new lowercase keyboard in iOS 9. It’s a fairly useless change to begin with, as it doesn’t make anything easier. Sure, it shows whether you’ve pressed the Shift key or not, but the new Shift key is also improved, making the lower-case option an aesthetic one rather than functional. So, if […]

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Hidden iOS 8 trick lets you change words to ALL CAPS with a tap

Sometimes you just need to emphasize something. One of the best ways to do so when you’re texting is to make the words you really need to get across in all capitals. Or maybe you just want to shout at…Read more ›

Switch Word Casing to ALL CAPS & Capitalize Words with QuickType in iOS

The shift and caps lock key in iOS can be toggled at will to either capitalize a word or to type out something in ALL CAPS, but using the new Quick Type keyboard, you can switch casing of existing words really easy. This works really well on the iPhone and iPad, and once you learn … Read More

Stop Yelling – Turn Off The Caps Lock Key On Your Mac [OS X Tips]

Turn Off Caps LockMaybe it’s just me, but I always picture someone yelling at me when I get messages and emails in all capital letters. It might just be a mistake on their end, I suppose, since it’s fairly easy to accidentally hit the Caps Lock when you’re aiming for the Shift key on today’s smaller laptop keyboards. […]

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Disable the Caps Lock Key on a Mac

Does anyone like CAPS LOCK? Its the most obnoxious key on the keyboard and seems to have an increasingly tiny place in the modern world of computing, enough that Googles Chrome OS notebooks (are they still around?) abandoned the key completely. Heres how you can disable a Mac Caps Lock key: Disable Caps Lock key on a Mac Open System Preferences from the ? Apple menu Click on Keyboard In the  [Read More…]

Sidestep Data Caps With Onavo

Click the image to open in full size. Data caps are the bane of every power internet user’s existence. Every mobile telecom provider, sans Sprint, has instituted caps marking the death of the "Unlimited" data plan. Even T-Mobile’s "Unlimited" plan throttles down your connection after you exceed 5GB in downloads for the month. Onavo, an application for iPhone and iPad users, stiff drink users need to numb the data cap pain. Onavo claims it  [Read More…]