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YouTube App For iOS Gets Suggestion Overlays, Closed Captions For Streams


Google has today updated its official YouTube app for iOS to introduce annoying suggestion overlays that offer recommendations on what to watch next over the top of the video you’re currently watching. The update also adds closed captions for live streams, and more.

Admittedly, the suggestion overlays aren’t that bad; they can easily be dismissed by tapping the little “X” that appears alongside them, and they can suggest interesting videos that you might not have  [Read More…]

Path On Reinvents iOS Photo Captions

Path on is a super-slick new app for writing on your photographs. The gimmick, and the feature which sets it apart from all the other writing-on-photos apps in the store, is that you can put your scrawlings onto an arbitrary path. Hence the name, I guess.

Try doing this with Adobe Illustrator it’ll drive you crazy. Path, on the other hand, is easy and slick from start to finish – it’s rare  [Read More…]